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And they say MJ is harmless . . .

This is a discussion on And they say MJ is harmless . . . within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by discoboxer I don't agree with this entirely. With Beer, Wine, Liquors, you have the option to know what percentage of the beverage ...

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Thread: And they say MJ is harmless . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by discoboxer View Post
    I don't agree with this entirely. With Beer, Wine, Liquors, you have the option to know what percentage of the beverage is alcohol. It's hard for me to imagine that even legal "pot" growers will be able to accurately publish the amount of THC in every joint, bowl, blunt, brownie, whatever. That's one contribution to not knowing what you are getting.

    Regarding the original post. Prank or not, the people who chose to make and distribute the weed to unknowing people are fools that need a serious life lesson from this. Body chemistry is the domain of the individual and their doctor, not an area to joke or "infringe" upon.

    I am well aware of the effects of pot. However harmless one tries to make it, it does effect people differently....hence why some like it, some don't, and for some it may be a huge health risk. If a person has never been high or cannot identify why their body is acting weird, than of course going to the doctor is understandable.
    Well legal pot growers absolutely can (and are required to) measure THC levels before they sell it. As far as buying on the street there are about three levels of strength and the price usually reflects that. BUT the difference is if you drink more wine or beer you will get more drunk. You can only get so high smoking 10 joints in 30 minutes gets you as high as smoking 5 joints in the same amount of time. The idea that you dont know what youre getting comes from ONE person in NY in the 70's who got people sick from smoking Raid. In reality your weed is either compressed brown crap from mexico, Potent stuff from canada and california or mid grade stuff grown by suburban kids in their parents garage. Most smokers know what they're getting
    I smoked for 14 years and never heard of anything being laced or anyone having an accident or getting hurt on weed. Nobody will ever convince me that marijuana is not safer than alcohol, simply untrue.

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    Victims of the brownie's were given a large domino's pizza and kept over night for observation
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    All things in moderation, sometimes even, uh...moderation. No, it was not wise, moral or legal to sneak ganja brownies in on your classmates. But (IMHO) this is such a tempest in a teacup. With all the current world events over which we might wring our hands, THIS ISN'T IT! It was pot folks. No addiction, no Hep C, no internal organ damage, no one was date-raped, no one was subsequently sold into slavery. C'mon friends, the worst possible side effects are eating an entire bag of Oreos in one sitting & thinking Pee Wee Herman is funny. An overdose results in an extended nap. I'm not saying the act was funny or appropriate, but I'm surely not mandating shock therapy & a class action lawsuit against the perpetrators.

    I need a drink.
    I agree with everything you said except the part in bold. It actually is a funny prank IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steffen View Post
    I agree with everything you said except the part in bold. It actually is a funny prank IMO.
    (*I thought it was semi-funny too, yet not creative enough. REAL pranksters would have been able to get those brownies on the buffet table of the Annual Alumni Banquet & Fund Raiser. The University would have been sooo embarrassed by well-heeled Colorado socialites skinny-dipping in the Dalton Trumbo Fountain that the news report would have been immediately quashed. You can't be prosecuted for something that "never happened". Now THAT'S funny AND creative. The panties around here seem to have become increasingly easy to get wadded-up over the last few years. so I simply didn't want to kick that hornet's nest.)
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    I agree that SOME people may have had knowledge of mixing strains to improve pot, but common sense tells us that technology in horticulture has improved drastically over the last 100 years. Are you denying that the access to information on the internet has not increased the knowledge of those who would not have access to technology, techniques, or other experienced people?
    Yes but this only serves to make the higher quality variants more widely available, not to somehow magically make all pot in the world stronger as a whole.
    The availability of say 7%-13% THC nowadays is similar to the availability of 2%-6% in the '60s; but it doesn't mean that 7%+ didn't exist in that time period, just that it was more rare to find, more expensive (taking inflation into account).

    Today in labs, under heavily controlled conditions, the Government has +/-27% THC made for medical applications, for those who are truly suffering, and not just looking to destroy their pantry. But this still compares to strains the Military grew in the '70s that capped out at about 25%; so we're still looking at a +/-2% increase over a few decades. Still nothing over 30% has ever been heard of, and currently is thought to be 'impossible'.
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