Weight Loss - True Story

Weight Loss - True Story

This is a discussion on Weight Loss - True Story within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Hello all, I know weight is something alot of Americans struggle with so I wanted to share my personal story of how I lost 50 ...

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Thread: Weight Loss - True Story

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    Weight Loss - True Story

    Hello all, I know weight is something alot of Americans struggle with so I wanted to share my personal story of how I lost 50 pounds.

    I'm 21 years old and always been a rather large person so I always expected to weigh more than my friends built like birds. I am also 6 feet tall and I expect to weigh more than shorter guys. I have always seemed to have hollow legs, just never can seem to get full and stay full for long but I really didn't think for my level of activity and size I ate alot more than other people.

    This past February I went to the doctor for a routine checkup. At that time I believe I weighed about 262, and I had a bit of a gut and I didn't feel I was that overweight but the numbers 262 made me sick to think about. I asked for some bloodwork and to check anything that could be checked that would cause me to be overweight. Doc agreed to do the bloodwork for me and check all that he could (which eventually came back to be pretty well fine). In the meantime he gave me a new suggestion for a diet, he said that the only true way to reduce your true weight is to cut your daily calories.

    This was the way he explained it, there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat (weight), the ideal way to lose weight is to cut your daily calories by 500 a day (500X7= 3500 or lose a pound a week). The way it works is when you eat you consume calories that are used as energy, daily activities and exercise burn the calories off. If you consume more than you burn your body will store the energy (fat) if you burn more than you store then your body can use the previously stored energy causing you to lose weight.

    I sincerely had my doubts because no other diet had worked for me before but I agreed to try it and if that didn't work he would refer me to a nutritionalist. He knew about what my daily calorie intake each day would be in order to maintain so I needed to try and have about 500 less than that each day to lose. He also suggested I buy the book Calorie King. It has mostly everything you can buy and fast food restaurants calorie info which would help you pick your meals. Rather than buy the book I found there was an app available for the iPhone by the same people called Calorie King and I decided to buy that because it would be more practical.

    Over the next few days I realized that what I ate on a day to day basis had me well over my daily intake just to maintain so I began to think "ok, it makes since and this might work". At first I cut back portions some but as I said I like to eat and just couldn't do that much. So I found some lower calorie substitutes.

    Over the next weeks and months I steadily lost weight at a little over a pound a week. I believe that to be because I have a higher activity level than we had guessed when calculating my daily intake but its better to guess lower than higher.

    I started this around the beginning of February so I have been working on this about 10 months but I am now 50 pounds lighter than I was (262- 212)

    Here is my advice:
    Sometimes you just have to fudge. Holidays, birthdays, going to friends, and parties. Some days I just don't fool with it.
    For breakfast I eat some Special K or Smart Ones microwavable sausage and biscuit things. They have about 200-300 calories each.
    For lunch if I am at home I have some Healthy Choice meals that have about 300-400 calories each.
    Supper is often my downfall, it is usually whatever the cook would like to cook so I don't complain but I try to look whatever it is up in my Calorie King app and go with that.
    There are alot of 100 calorie snack packs that are pretty good.
    All of these packaged foods I have mentioned can be bought at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store, nothing you will have to go out of town to find.
    Alcohol.....well I like to drink beer and beers are pretty well full of calories and hard to just drink 2 or 3. The best tasting low calorie beer I know of is Michelob Ultra (95 calories), it prefer something with a little higher alcohol content but they'll do.
    Soft drinks are killer most 12 oz cans have 140-170. I try to just drink 12 oz cans and only have 1 a day (I love my Sun-Drops lol)

    On eating out, again sometimes you have to fudge but if your like me and for whatever reason have to eat out alot (work and college) there are lower calorie options. McDonald's and Burger King have grilled chicken sandwiches and snack wraps. They are pretty good but I am a big fan of McDonalds salads. You can get some with grill chicken around 300 calories plus dressing (I use viengarette or something that's like 50 calories a packet.

    Here is a link to a calorie calculator where you can plug in your information and see what your daily needs to maintain and lose are Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

    That's pretty much my story and advice so feel free to ask questions.

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    Good on you sir! It's pretty inspiring to read that with just a slight change in diet and normal exercise weight can be lost. I've known this but of course never bothered to follow the rules. Food is just too good lol! There was a time where I was at a good weight (college where my diet was mainly just about a meal a day and beer) but when the girlfriend came along we started eating out a lot and I started to as you say "fudge" but then "fudging" turned into not caring. And now that I'm out of school and I've start working I find myself putting on a few more pounds than I'd like. Your story is making me think about giving the Calorie King a try! Thanks for sharing!

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    Good for you goose.

    I'm approaching 50 years of age and since working from home 3 years ago, I've packed on 40 extra pounds. 2 months ago I decided to work on it and I have a similar approach as you, informally. I chose 1 pound a week as my goal and I started walking on a treadmill 1 hour a day Monday thru Friday. I cut back on my intake without suffering or sacrificing. That's the key for me and for many is that when people go on a diet, they go to the extreme and end up suffering and then giving up. My biggest thing was carbs, I just love 'em, so without going to an extreme like Atkins, I simply cut way back on them. I don't track calories or carbs or anything else, I cut out all carbs during the day (no giant bowl of cereal, no salty snacks out of a bag) and my wife is good about cooking a balanced meal in the evenings with carbs included which I consume as usual.

    For Iggy, it's all about moderation... sounds simple and common sense and along the lines of "proper diet and exercise" which is easy for a lot folks but difficult for many. It took me 3 years to gain the weight, I'm not going to lose it in a month. That's key in the mental game of dieting... get into it, stick to your guns (Glock or otherwise) and do what you need to for your happiness and health.

    When you start seeing and feeling the benefits, you'll really start to get into it.
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    It's always nice to hear a story like that!

    Being 6 months out of college, it is surprising to look at photos of myself 4 years ago when I first started college to now when I am all done. They always talk about the "Freshmen 15", but leave out the remaining 3 years! All of the drinking, not eating healthy, and inactivity sure takes its toll on people. Since I've been done with school, I've stopped drinking, eating fast food, and I run about 2 miles 2-3 times a week. You really do feel much better on the inside by doing so!

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    Awesome Job, Goose! As a fellow weight loser, I'm sure you are enjoying every aspect of life much, much more!
    Spend few minutes learning about my journey from Zero to Athlete in this
    Then check out my blog! www.BodyByMcDonalds.com

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    Good job, Goose. Now take me to bed or lose me forever (not really, Goose, let's just be friends).
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    You've illustrated the "secret" that the nutrition/diet industry cannot package and sell:

    Calories in + calories burned = weight gain or lost (or maintained)

    It's a very simple equation that won't sell diet drinks, powders, gym memberships, books or diet plans. Here is the secret: diets will always fail. Subtle, small changes in lifestyle are the only way to see the results people want.

    Congratulations to you on your success.
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    Great job. Don't forget about substitutions - eat sweet natural foods (melons) to replace deserts, higher protein meals to prolong fullness. I use quinoa instead of rice, spaghetti squash instead of pasta, high fiber stuff like oats (unprocessed oats, not Quaker stuff), etc. Also, those processed diet meals are full of sodium as a taste substitute for fat.

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    Congratulations! you are exactly right with one exception.

    I too have lost significant weight (280 down to 175) and I started out with exactly the same formula. I found that about 60 lbs down my body kept losing weight however I stopped losing fat. The shock of my new diet caused my body to basically panic and start hording fat. I kept losing weight however it was bone mass and muscle mass (my gym at the time had a bod pod - Very cool device)

    I am 105 lbs down at the moment. What I found was I needed to employ a high intensity exercise plan to keep the fat off and the muscle and bone mass on. I go to the gym once a week and only spend about 30 minutes on the machines. If you do it right that is all you need to stay fit and keep the numbers going in the right direction. I lost the most significant portion over a 2 year period and have only maintained for the last 2-3 years or so. I am 29 currently.

    I kept my portions the same by switching to a naturalist diet (Paleo Diet by Mark Sisson or Rob Wolfe) and Used the Book Body By Science by Dr Doug Mc Guff for work out routine.

    I found that cutting calories but not portion size was what worked best for me. I was able to eat as much of what ever I wanted as long as it fit into the criteria of the diet. for example 2 lbs of spinach has 120 calories. It will damn sure fill you up but you are still taking in minimal calories and lots of good vitamins and nutrients in the process. of course no one is going to sit and eat just 2lbs of spinach every meal but you get the idea.

    Great job and keep up the good work, Just wanted to share my experience to help you achieve you ultimate goals with as little setbacks as possible.


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    My News Years Resolution was to lose 10 pounds and I did it by not doing the after dinner boredom eating. At 47yrs old, I have exercised and lifted weights since college, but over time I got to 200 lbs. I am now down to 190. My christmas presents this year from Santa are 2 new belts since my older ones are too big and I am constantly pulling up on my pants when I am carrying.

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    Nice thread Goosman. I'm all in on this. I exercise and am fairly active but the calorie thing makes sense. Still trying to lose the weight. Thanks.
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    Here are some additional tips.
    I always get about 20 pounds over my ideal weight and I always put that on in Winter.

    Here is what I do to take it back off & it comes back off fast.

    > Take Vitamin D supplements every day especially in Winter. I take 2 5,000 of D.

    > Exercise for at least 15 Minutes in the morning BEFORE you eat anything. It can be very moderate/mild exercise.
    or go for a walk in the morning before you eat.

    > Don't eat anything for a couple of hours before you go to bed.

    > Cut out the White Death completely AKA Refined Cane Sugar.
    If you must have some sugar switch to honey or dark raw sugar but, cut your use of even that way down.

    > Cut Out Soda Pop. Instead mix half concentrated Green Tea and half any fruit juice...even Welches Grape Juice.
    Store that in the fridge and right before you drink it add sparkling water into it.
    If you drink one can of soda pop every day that is equal to 40 pounds of added weight per year. Naturally you will burn some of that off so you are not gaining 40 pounds every year but, your body could be burning off food calories instead of soda calories.
    So...wouldn't you rather cut out the soda & then you can eat more real food?

    > Don't drink diet POP - You might find all of this evidence that it isn't poison but, the people who invented the stuff and scaled it up for production wouldn't ever use it themselves and that should be the only evidence you need. I know that for a fact!
    It is the great deceiver that tricks your body to no good end.
    Production for Aspartame and Saccharin and most of them save for the most recent were scaled up for production at my Wife's chemical company.
    I don't have any knowledge of the later ones like Splenda and the other "plant sugar" based ones...so do your research on those.

    > If you LOVE your favorite candy bar then don't torture yourself by going without one forever...just limit yourself to ONE candy bar per week.
    You'll be amazed at how much more you appreciate it and enjoy it.

    > Here is a great tasting meat snack with almost zero fat. My Brother turned me on to this.
    Take slices peperoni and lay all of the slices out (single layer) on layers of paper towels on a paper plate - microwave the peperoni and then use additional paper towels to quickly absorb all traces of the grease/fat. You will "gulp!" at how much grease cooks out of that peperoni and soaks into those paper towels.
    You will end up with a hard, crunchy, salty meat snack that tastes almost exactly like crispy bacon but, with NO fat at all. Eat as much of that as you want.

    > Stay away from White bread...Switch to DARK bread like Pumpernickel.

    > Drink extra water every day.

    These are all pretty easy and painless to abide by. Try a few or all or most of them.
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    Congratulations on your weight loss.

    My wife just lost some weight herself and has been able to keep it off (that's important too). She says this is the best diet she's ever done in her life, it's called "Ideal Protein". AFAIK it's managed by a physicians office, they have counselors who you'll see once a week for advice and a weigh in. I don't believe Ideal Protein allows advertisement, I guess they want the results to do their advertising. It works.
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    Goose, congratulations on taking control of your life! If you can achieve this, then you can achieve anything else you set your mind to. It is just a matter of setting goals and working on a plan to get there.

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    My goal for the coming year is to lose 30 lbs. Seems very realistic. Will be hard. I like to eat. Thanks to all for the inspiration. Really like the pepperoni idea. Maybe some celery to go with it? Sounds good to me.
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