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What's the story behind your avatar?

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Thread: What's the story behind your avatar?

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    Strange as it may seem but I can not see what is behind my avatar....... I'm thinkin' its nuffin.....
    "One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation."
    --Thomas B. Reed, American Attorney

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    Mine changes from time to time. Some I've seen pop up as other people's avatars, so then they get removed from the rotation.

    My current one is because it is 12/21/12.... the end of the world.

    (Shown because as time moves forward this won't work with what ever avatar I'm using later.)

    What's the story behind your avatar?-homer_simpson_end_is_near-300x225.jpg
    "The only people I like besides my wife and children are Marines."
    - Lt. Col. Oliver North

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckusaret View Post
    I think my avatar tells it all, I drink Jim Beam, but on special occasions drink Makers Mark. LOL
    I used to drink Jim Beam...it made for some...regretful mornings back when I was single.

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    My #1 partner
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    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DontTreadOnI View Post
    Just the back window of my truck. The motto and message behind it is one I'll carry with me and live life by until the day they lay me in the ground though.
    Sounds very similar, read exactly, like a line out of Aaron Lewis's hit song Country Boy. You write that song for him?
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    " But if you are authorized to carry a weapon, and you walk outside without it, just take a deep breath, and say this to yourself... Baa." Col. Dave Grossman on Sheep and Sheepdogs.

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    I like it and I wish Houston would go back to wearing it. I got a kick out of it this summer when they were going to wear it as a throwback jersey and the MLB office, out of an abundance of PC, tried to quash it. They ultimately wore the jersey, but the lunacy at MLB HQ was fun to watch.
    "I've noticed that everyone that is pro-abortion has already been born." - Ronald Reagan

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    Mine is a photograph of the tattoo on my left arm. It's the 1 Ass to Risk (1/*) incorporating the "thin blue line" into it as well. The 1/* symbol is quickly recognized in law enforcement and military circles, but usually unrecognizable by the general public.

    The thin blue line, was originally used by law enforcement as an identifier that only we were aware of, that allowed us to instantly know we were dealing with another law enforcement officer. The symbolism of the thin blue line recognizes that LEO are the thin line of defense protecting society from evil that exists everywhere. Often displayed as window decals, license tags, bumper stickers & lapel pins. Now that most vendors don't require law enforcement credentials to purchase them, and the fact that some police department are using them on their marked police vehicles, they aren't nearly as effective any more.

    I had a crack head standing behind me in line at a convenience store comment once "Nice Tat dude. Does that mean you are a 1 percent er" I just shook my head and laughed at his stupidity.

    Ya'll be safe.
    " But if you are authorized to carry a weapon, and you walk outside without it, just take a deep breath, and say this to yourself... Baa." Col. Dave Grossman on Sheep and Sheepdogs.

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    I am a long time player, nationally licensed club soccer coach, and fan of the"beautiful game". I use this avatar for most internet forums along with a variation of my true name rather than remaining completely anonymous.

    One Riot, One Ranger. Long live the Republic of Texas.


    "It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf." -- Thomas Fuller

    The 1911: An elegant weapon from a more civilized age...

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    As soon as I received my CCP, I immediately knew who I wanted to emulate... a local hero.
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    Here at the rock, we have two basic rules...

    Glock 27 for every day carry (LCP for deep conceal when necessary)... Glock 23 for the home.

    Call me Iggy. Only my mother calls me by my full given name.

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    My avatar is a photo of a Smith & Wesson Model 39-2 9mm with silly addition of 9mm cartridges in the shape of an arrow.

    However during a recent burglary, that pistol is now gone. I may be changing my avatar unless the thief gets caught and pistol returned.

    I'm not holding my breath on that last statement.
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

    The Man Prayer. "Im a man, I can change, if I have to.....I guess!" ~ Red Green

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    When I joined the forum the first avatar I used was removed by a mod and I was given an infraction

    So, due to lack of creativity, I decided to go with my picture .

    I've really enjoyed reading the story to all your avatars.
    Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.- Mark Twain


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    Re: What's the story behind your avatar?

    Fun thread.

    The problem with the world is grown-ups behaving like unsupervised children.
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    There is a solution but we are not Jedi... not yet.
    We have deep thinkers and stinkers in this group that could come up with a solution...
    Buck the donkey

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    Mine is my carry gun.
    Vietnam Veteran - 1966-1970 USASA
    Carry Pistol. FNS 9, 9mm.
    Carry Pistol. FNX 40, .40 Cal.
    Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro, 9mm. Gave To Daughter To Carry.
    Self Defense Stories
    Give me a minute before I post again.

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    Mine is also my EDC, that is if I ever get my letter...Ruger sr40c and some ammo.

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