Need some advise as I plan something out for a few years from now. .

I know my wife would love to join me. Don't think she would care to actualy shoot anything other than a target, but the potential hiking, horseback riding, camping, and scenery would be everything she would want in a trip. Montana / Colorado would be the hopeful destination.

I hunt whitetail about 1 week a year with a rifle (dabbled with bow). I'm a hunter, but experience is limited. I will be hunting with a Win. Model 70 in 30.06. My dad's rifle. I lost him this year, and want to take a part of him with me on the trip. I'm a good shot, but will be practicing a lot more to make sure the skill is spot on.

I have limited time on a horse. My wife has far more experience there. I have cousins with horses, so before any trip, I know I can get some experience in.

Done my share of camping. Most my camping was in my youth as a boy scout. As an adult, it has been car camping, but nothing fancy. Perfer a tent and the ground over a RV. So with a little time, I'll start doing day hikes to a overnight camp. Should prep me for any guided hunt to a tent campsite.

My one strong point is a love of winter hiking (and reason I like a cold rifle season). Started when I was a paperboy delivering in all kinds of weather. Just love walking miles, wearing laters of wool with a good pair of boots in the middle of a blizzard. Going to hike strong in 2013 to prep (in fact, wife and I headed out tonight to a nice cold winter walk of 3 to 4 miles).

Guess I'll mention some of the gear. Wool is my choice, other than maybe the coat. Wool for baselayers, with an extra baselayer of silk if needed. Will take a down baselayer as well, so light it cam't hurt. Schnee boots. Really the wrong forum for this type of gear questions, but if you have a suggestion on an elk form / website, please share.

So here is where I need advise. I'm an NRA member, so I've started there to look for destinations there. Has anyone had experience with guided Elk hunts, with outdoors connection, or just some advise as I plan this trip.

2nd, they give you a price for the hunt, but what happens to the meat and antlers. Is it extra to pack out and butcher or do they usually include that? Naturally I will ask in advance, but it looks like the prices range from $2500 to 4000, and I can't get a clear picture of what that includeds from the website.