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McDonald's Open Christmas Day!!!!!

This is a discussion on McDonald's Open Christmas Day!!!!! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Crowman How sick is this.... McDonald's will be open to 11pm Christmas Eve and 8 to 8 Christmas day.(at least in Milwaukee) ...

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Thread: McDonald's Open Christmas Day!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowman View Post
    How sick is this.... McDonald's will be open to 11pm Christmas Eve and 8 to 8 Christmas day.(at least in Milwaukee) How greedy can they get. You have got to be kidding... Has America gone over the edge.....

    Now wonder I often use the phrase "Corporate Mongrels".........
    McDonalds Open on Christmas? Fast Food Giant Hopes for Big Sales
    Fortunately for all of us the United States is NOT a Christian Theocracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    From Ca to Fl and that was back in the mandated 55MPH time.
    I forgot about 55mph. The speed limit is 75 in a lot of Western states now. That means you can go 80 and not worry.
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    First of all, I only read about half a dozen of the posts, so I don't know what everybody else has said, but besides agreeing that not everyone is a christian and celebrates Christmas, I'd like to point out that not everybody who is a christian has a place to go to on Christmas eve or Christmas day! I spent one year living in Cleveland, away from my family in Indiana. I had a room, no place to cook, and relied on restaurants and fast food joints for my meals. I was not old enough to (legally) hang out in a neighborhood bar, and was damn glad that there was a fast food joint open to get something to eat and to hang out with a few other poor people who didn't have homes to go to either. I did NOT consider it "corporate greed" on the part of the restaurant! And that isn't the only time I've been alone on a Christmas eve or a Christmas day! But by then, I was old enough to go to a bar and I was damn glad there was a local one open!
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    McDonald's Open Christmas Day!!!!!

    People don't stop dying on Christmas and its nice to be able to grab a double cheeseburger during down time. Personally I'm happy to see some places open on holidays.
    May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead

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    "Like all Jews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant." Kagan's fellow New Yorker Senator Chuck Schumer then jumped in to explain: "Those are the only restaurants that are open!"

    They've got kosher Chinese restaurants?
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    Good......sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and go get a 10 piece nuggets and fries w/large Coke. Then I eat it at my dinner table next to my chambered Glock case a BG tries to kick in my front door while I'm dining.
    I don't always carry two concealed S&W 500's.........JUST KIDDING!

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