Webster, NY gunmans neighbor bought guns for him

Webster, NY gunmans neighbor bought guns for him

This is a discussion on Webster, NY gunmans neighbor bought guns for him within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Idiot Gunman's neighbor arrested in connection with firefighter ambush - CNN.com...

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Thread: Webster, NY gunmans neighbor bought guns for him

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    Webster, NY gunmans neighbor bought guns for him

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    That's not the Newtown shooting. It's the one in NY last week involving the shooting of the firefighters.

    Fixed it - Smitty.
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    Of course. More stuff for the total ban of selling any firearm. This is what the anti's say that they want to stop with gun restrictions in place.

    However in their flawed logic it will not supress someone bound and determined to get firearms illegally.

    Maybe they should give this girl the death penalty for giving the lunatic the means to acquire the weapons that he used to kill people. That I think would be a better deterrent than some stupid law. Severe to the maximum punishment for the crime, not punish the law abiding.
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    I hope that they throw the book at her and don't cut a plea agreement. Start making examples of these idiots and promote it heavily in the media. Give anyone who is legally able to purchase a gun real cause to say no when asked to make an illegal purchase or sale. Let's see our government agencies demonstrate they can prosecute and win (not just plea out) with existing laws before those same people even consider creating new laws.

    Gun prosecutions under Obama down more than 45 percent | WashingtonExaminer.com

    And, as the DOJ states (before suggesting to prosecuting attorneys to plea out) is, "Firearms violations should be aggressively used in prosecuting violent crime. They are generally simple and quick to prove. ". Let's see them lead by example.

    Criminal Resource Manual 112 Firearms charges

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    Unfortunately their logic is indeed flawed and cannot think outside the box, only base it on emotion which is a dangerous entity in itself. I agree they should give the person who bought these for this felon be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I also believe she should be charged for the death because she played a role in its happening and probably knew about this persons past criminal history.
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    Corrected location of shooting in thread title.
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    Let her pay the price for her illegal activity. It's the right thing to do.
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    Send her to fed prison... she would of had to lie on the 4473, question 11a.
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    A few more facts here: New York woman arrested in connection with murder of 2 firefighters | Fox News

    If true, I hope she gets the max penalty possible.

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    Let's see...a person illegally completed a firearms form and then broke the law again by giving weapons to a felon (not just any felon but someone convicted of brutally killing his mother) But somehow it is the "evil black rifle's" fault. In CT a person illegally carries a firearm to a school (a weapon illegal under CT law) where it is illegal to have a gun, and illegally breaks in , and shoots people, again against the law. But it is the gun's fault. Don't get me wrong, I have as much sympathy for the ones who lost a loveone as anyone but people need to use reason, not emotions. Murderers will find a way--see my signature. As a society we need to be better at identifying the mentally unstable so we can isolate them from harming others and keep the brutal felons locked up from society. We need to stop blaming tools and make people take responsibility for their actions.
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    If she is proven to have purchased the weapons for the felon, she should be tried as an accessory to murder and fried. You can't fix stupid and she's of breeding age.

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    Yes, but she didn't buy him a hammer!!

    (Sorry, just one of those days.)

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    I agree, she should be charged with murder as well as the weapons violations.
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