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This is a discussion on Hunting attire within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I never went in for the fancy high tech clothes. For deer hunting I hunt from the ground with a light tarp setup for a ...

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Thread: Hunting attire

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    I never went in for the fancy high tech clothes. For deer hunting I hunt from the ground with a light tarp setup for a blind with brush. I wear either Carhartt pants or a pair of wool pants. Fleece or wool coat and cover up with an old army poncho and a wool hat.

    Bow hunting - mostly the same clothes except for a lighter jacket with thinner sleeves, wool or fleece.

    No fancy scent block or rubber boots for me. I wear tennis shoes so I can feel the ground when I stalk. If it is going to be nasty weather I'll opt for boots when there may be a lot of mud.

    Work the wind, sit still, or stalk with extremely slow movements. This has always worked for me as it has for thousands of men over thousands of years. I'd rather spend my money on a new rifle, new bow, or a great bird hunt.

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    Trying to develop a giant mousetrap that I can put some sweetfeed on. Won't need the rifle or bow anymore.

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    I got sucked into the frenzy a little bit but I'm backing out now that I have the essentials I need. I've only been hunting for 2 years because I was so busy with sports growing up and then college that I never had time to commit to adding yet another sport, even though it was something I wanted to do. I do own some decent Real Tree attire for bow hunting, but when I shot my deer this year (opening day for rifle) I was wearing brown pants and an extremely faded long sleeve camo T. (with orange vest and hat of course)

    I would say the only "fad" I subscribe to is the rubber boot mentality. I spray my boots with scent killer before going into the woods to minimize the scent that might get left behind in the case where it *might* push deer towards other areas when they smell something out of the norm left from my boots. I also hunt in a lot of low areas near water, so the boots have kept my feet warm and dry many, many times. The only downfall to them is not being able to move quietly, but that's difficult no matter what.

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    It's called "marketing" and they have college degrees for convincing people to buy things they don't need.
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    Our hunting camp consists of several old timers, and a few new hunters that stay for only a couple of seasons. We get a kick out of the $$$$ camo attire that shows up with the new hunters. Us old pfarts wear our regular work clothes, and never fail to harvest what we need. If they want to spend the money, fine - but a complete $$$ head - toe camo outfit sure would buy a lot of ammo. As long as they enjoy the sport, that's what really matters.

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    I have a scent block suit. It is about 10 years old. I do not think it blocks much anymore. I still get deer. I need some new pants, since I have had to repair mine a couple times. I'll probably go looking now that the season is out. I buy most of my stuff at the end of the season when I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Hunters are worse than golfers with the latest and greatest thing IMO. There is always the group that thinks the more they spend on stuff the better off they will be, instead of practice, scouting etc. retailers and manufactures know this and capitalize on it.
    Dude nice avatar! very patriot-ic!

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    Around here, somebody gets a deer almost every day, and it doesn't matter what color car you are driving!
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