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2012 Defensive Carry Time Capsule

This is a discussion on 2012 Defensive Carry Time Capsule within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I think some sort of gun control /AWB will be passed, but I think it will be similar to the last, just without a sunset ...

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Thread: 2012 Defensive Carry Time Capsule

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    I think some sort of gun control /AWB will be passed, but I think it will be similar to the last, just without a sunset clause.
    You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt

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    1. There will be a weapons ban through:
    a. Registration approval/disapproval based on justification of need
    b. High registration fees
    c. High taxes on allowed guns
    d. High taxes on all associated gun items and ammo
    e. All assault, semi automatic style/type weapons will be banned
    F. All high capacity magazines
    g. Limit on the number of guns by type.

    2. Zimmerman will be found not guilty
    3. Gas prices will exceed $5.00 per gallon
    4. The government will raid all retirement accounts
    5. The government will terminate all 401K accounts to increase tax revenue
    6. Government subsidized home loan programs will be terminated
    7. Obama will attempt to change the law that restricts the president to two terms to allow him to serve a third term.
    8. The president, senate and congress will all get a pay increase.

    I sure hope that I am wrong on all of my predictions with the exception of number 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonker1986 View Post
    The Cubs will be 2013 World Champions, and my Illini will win the NCAA Basketball Championship, and Florida will pass a law requiring everyone that comes here to speak English.
    Let us know when you wake up from your nap...
    The wise man looks for ways to minimize mistakes, a fool boasts it will never happened to him.

    "The problem is not the availability of guns, it is the availability of morons."
    - Antonio Meloni

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    There will be new restrictions on various weapons and magazines.

    The government will require registration of all semi-auto firearms.

    My entire gun collection will be lost in an unfortunate boating accident.

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    There will be war in America.
    My name is Frogman46 and I'm tougher than you.

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    The AWB will pass in the Senate, flounder in the house, but eventually pass. Obama will sign it into law. The majority of gun owners will give up their gun rights willingly, because, "it's the law."
    "... advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill." -J.R.R. Tolkien

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad426 View Post
    The Falcons will win the Super Bowl, the AWB will fail, Argo will win Best Picture.
    Two things I know: the Falcons are not a championship team and Argo is not a best picture.

    They are both good, but not great.

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    1. On December 31, 2013 we'll be talking about what horrible things are to come in 2014.
    2. I will spend much of the year campaigning early for the 2014 midterm elections.
    3. The NRA will raise and spend a metric crap ton of money fighting this gun ban and to elect new legislators in red/purple states that vote for the ban.
    4. At the end of the year you will still be able to buy guns. In a worst case scenario you'll be able to arm yourself in a manner very similar to that of a soldier that defeated the Nazis 70 years ago.
    5. I will continue to resent the majority of my fellow citizens for allowing Obama to stay in office.
    6. I will still be stuck in eastern Kentucky, no matter how much I hate this place. My wife will not give me the credit I deserve.
    7. My pit bull will still be scared of the neighbor's cat.
    8. Gas prices will be lower one year from today than they are now.
    9 Electricity will cost at least 25% more.
    10. Too many Americans will still care more about reality television than they do actual reality.

    And an all time truth that I can't leave out- I will still praise God and remember that He is the only Master I will ever have, regardless of what is going on around me.
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    "The only people I like besides my wife and children are Marines."
    - Lt. Col. Oliver North

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    There will be war in America.
    I think we already are Tim. It just has not sunk in yet.
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

    The Man Prayer. "Im a man, I can change, if I have to.....I guess!" ~ Red Green

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    I feel the same as Echo Four on his #5.
    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

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