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Thread: Dr. Who?

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    Started watching in the Tom Baker era, and have watched most of the preceding Doctors and the ones that followed on PBS. I have seen some of all the "newer" Doctors on BBC America, mostly missing ones since BBCA doesn't seem to get the word out as well as PBS did, at least in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    I'm outta' the loop here.
    If its a cable show forget it, cause i don't have it.
    Who is Dr. Who?
    The guy on first. He got his degree.
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    Does anybody find it amusing that we love a show where the main character abhors guns (even though he occasionally ends up using them)?

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    I watched faithfully back in the '80s and '90s but lost track of the show until a year or two ago. I haven't really gotten in to the latest series. Our photographic darkroom had a revolving door chamber that you would step into and spin the door so that you could enter the darkroom without letting light in. The chamber that you stood in while spinning the door was round, but about the size of the British phone booth, so I called it the TARDIS. After spinning the door, it was like you were entering another reality. Tom Baker rocks!

    I'll have to try and see if I can find the Christmas show that's being recommended.

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    i started watching back in the late 70's. the new ones are better.
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    Stopped watching after Tom Baker left. Plus, the new guy wears a bow tie and doesn't have the long scarf. No deal.

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    Im 30 yrs old now and ive been watching since I was 7.. prior to the reboot, the tom baker years were my favorite.

    Now that we have new episodes, Im even more a fan! I do miss david tennant a lot as The Doctor, however the more I watch Matt Smith, the more I enjoy him. In fact, with all the recent marathons, and nothing else being on all other 400 channels, even my totally non-geek wife is totally hooked now.

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    I started watching with John Pertwee. Had to watch it as if it were a stage play as the props ( walls rocks etc ) moved with every bump.
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    Don't make me show you my Tardis tattoo, I might get banned from here and I really like this forum.

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    Seems like you always favor your "first" Doctor. Started with John Pertwee (and Liz and Sarah Jane and especially Jo Grant). Tom Baker's my wife's favorite.

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    I have always like Tom Baker because he caught the slightly off kilter insanity of the Doctor very well.

    That said, I love the new series, and Pond was my favorite Companion.....Donna was good but a tad annoying....and Clara Oswin Osawld has the makings of a great Companion, with that little smirking smile she gets when she as an idea!

    Oh, and we like to be called Whovians......
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