We got some rain mixed with sleet last night. Mrs. Echo_Four is a physician working in a hospital and cannot miss work due to weather but is terrified of driving on ice or any road that may have ever had ice on it. So I took her to work and dropper her off at 6:45 this morning. As I was leaving I was rear ended. Luckily the small dodge did very little damage to my Hummer H3 leaving only some paint on my hitch receiver and a dent about 2 inches across in the bumper.

As I was looking at my bumper and the folded up hood on the other car the driver of that vehicle managed to drag himself from the car. As he was telling me about his wife being in the E.R. with 2 broken legs and how he needed to go check out of the hotel room they had stayed in the night before I noticed "a strong odor of alcohol on or about his person". He said that if I was OK he was OK and we could skip calling the police. I told him we'd need to have a report filed and that I was going to call them. At that point he started getting aggressive saying that I initially said I wasn't concerned about the small dent. At that point I explained that I just would feel better if they came out and took a report. As he continued to question why I would want that done I finally explained that he reeked of alcohol and I wanted the police to come and ensure it was safe for him to continue to drive. It was at that point he decided he'd like to fight. Luckily I was finally starting to actually wake up and had little problem bringing the situation under control. The nice man from the city PD came and took the man into custody for DUI and assault and I was on my way.

At noon I was back at the hospital to pick up my bride. She has an odd schedule on some days, she worked from 0700 to 1200 then off until 1700 and then works until 0700. we decided to grab some lunch before returning home so it wasn't until about 1:00 that we got back home. When we got here I found the back door had been battered and kicked while we were gone. It wasn't open but seeing the condition of the door did make me take a closer look and see that a window in the laundry room had been broken. I live about 20 feet from a college campus so I called them to ask if they would come take a look. An officer I know and have worked with showed up first so the 2 of us cleared the house. Nothing was amiss inside so I can only guess that the would be intruder was either scared off by the dogs or broke the window just to show his frustration at not being able to enter the through the door.

These two events coupled with the measure that rocketed through the Senate and is being addressed in the House right now (fiscal cliff legislation) have united to make this, by far, the worst start to a year I've ever had.