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This is a discussion on Question for correctional officers within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; After reading the other responses Mike, I think I've changed my mind about this (not that you asked me ) Maybe it would be safer ...

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Thread: Question for correctional officers

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    After reading the other responses Mike, I think I've changed my mind about this (not that you asked me )
    Maybe it would be safer and time better spent to do something like working with CASA National CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate Association - CASA for Children: Advocating for Abused and Neglected Children and help children who are going through the court system due to abuse or negligence. They have hard lives and didn't do anything to deserve it.
    I think it's great that the group wants to do something.
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    Thanks to all for the good advice! Now that I have someone else's opinion in writing, perhaps I can get "the gang of seven" to listen to caution and reason. They were never fond of my idea for prisoners, 'push them in a pit and forget them'.
    I still have a fight on my hands to dissuade the Church Ladies from doing what they think is right anyway, when this mob gets up a full head of steam they become an absolute juggernaut. (you should see them at a Chinese buffet)
    thanks again
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    Quote Originally Posted by IronMike View Post
    My wife's church group, has decided to start writing letters to women in local prisons.
    I have asked them to wait till I found a little more information about this. My questions are... What are some of the risks?
    Are they all scammers? Or are some of them really just lonely women looking to correspond?
    I'm not a correctional officer, but I helped to fill up some of the cells.

    Oh good luck. I saw some "ad's" to correspond with women in prison, and they write "personals" .

    One was a woman in prison who I had dealings with and was trying to catch ....... "calm, polite, good person, who likes ..... " . Comes across as a wonderful person.

    She was 17 yrs old and one of the most violent personalities , coldest, heartless people I had met. We tried to get a Judge to hold her, he let her out. It was not long before she was doing more things. I had a meeting with the Judge.... and flat told him...... if she's not gotten off the streets NOW .... she is going to kill someone.... it's an accident looking for a place to happen. Psychopathic personality... extremely full of hate, violence, etc.

    We got a warrant (late the day before this happened ) and were going after her..... the next day she and a couple of others decided to rob a fast food place, and she was the "leader". She made all of the young workers get into a refrigeration unit..... on their knees, and then went down the line putting bullets into their head. We were upset ... we hadn't caught up to her yet, but were close and had missed her leaving one place 5 minutes beforehand that same day.

    When I heard the 'traffic' on the robbery / shooting and the way they had been shot.... I KNEW ... it was her, just knew it in my stomach. When I talked to some other LEO's, they said they were after a ...... "XXXXXXX " ... and that was her.

    She would LOVE .... to correspond with people .

    And, she would LOVE it , if she can con you into sending her money for stuff.

    She's a person who will never be normal, in any sense of the words, but she also is smart and can play people like a fiddle. I can name several others that are the same way, and who are some of the coldest people .... you can imagine ... but you'ld never think they were guilty of the things they are.

    NEVER ever.... share any personal information .... married or not, where they live, children, ..... nothing.
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    But they're all innocent victims of an oppressive society.
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    Question for correctional officers

    I have worked in a county jail for a number of years now. A CON is a con. They love these innocent church folks because most make simple targets. Be very careful!!!
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    First things first, I was a CASA volunteer in college. GREAT GROUP! I encourage anyone that was at all interested by what Jeanlouise wrote to look further. You can help a kid that is very much in need.

    On to the OP, I'm not a CO now, but I used to be one. You have to be VERY careful when you have any dealings with an inmate. The group that is writing the inmate will thing of them only when they get a letter or prepare to write one. The inmate has very little to do with his/her time and will spend hours crafting a response to appear nonthreatening and innocent. However, each piece of mail that you receive will move one step closer to trying to take advantage of you.

    It is very likely that you'll get a letter back at first that doesn't really say anything. They'll be trying to feel you out and see if you want the "I am innocent and the system failed me!" routine or the "I am guilty but learned the error of my ways" line. Most likely neither is true. They're guilty and plan to return to their old life the moment they walk out of the prison. Until that time they're just doing what they can to be as comfortable as possible. Over time they'll start bringing up ugly things that may or may not be happening inside the prison. It is likely that they'll claim they are being extorted, blackmailed, or mistreated by staff and inmates. They won't ask for anything, they'll just plant the seed. Later they may ask for a small sum of money claiming that they don't have any money to buy paper or stamps. If that works they'll ask for more claiming that their life is in danger if they don't pay an inmate.

    It is all a game to these people. They just want to try to take advantage of you. If your group is able to resist the pleas for money it is highly likely the inmate will just stop writing. They aren't going to waste time on something that doesn't promise a return.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanlouise View Post
    After reading the other responses Mike, I think I've changed my mind about this (not that you asked me )
    Maybe it would be safer and time better spent to do something like working with CASA National CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate Association - CASA for Children: Advocating for Abused and Neglected Children and help children who are going through the court system due to abuse or negligence. They have hard lives and didn't do anything to deserve it.
    I think it's great that the group wants to do something.
    If the ladies are interested CASA takes care of children who through no fault of their own have ended up in the courts care. Its not for everyone but there is a need. DR

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    I do believe the best advise would be, let the prison Chaplin do his job. I am quite sure he has enough problems to handle without the problems that could be added by an outside group. I am not a CO but I know several CO's that run inmate work crews for the Fl. Dept. of Transportation and I am sure that they would say thanks but no thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irish_ironsight View Post
    O.K First off, I am a Correction's Officer and have served for 14 years.

    During my time I have served 11 Years as the equivalent of a Federal Officer in Ireland and for the last 3 as a State D.O.C Officer.

    From the onset be aware that these Women will want something in return for your wife's innocent friendship, Writing to an inmate as part of a
    group may have the upside of making people feel safer. Church and community groups have projects in which members write to an inmate
    pen pal and a group leader oversees and censors all of the communication. Prisons also monitor your communication for their own safety.
    But a CON-vice con is just that a CON.

    Your wife's kind offer to be a pen pal may result in a simple request "could you maybe send me some paper and a stamp so I can write you more
    often?" Could you / Would you refuse such a simple request ?

    Ha, well if you do you may be guilty of a misdemeanor crime in some state's, in others it may in fact be a felony.

    My advice is simply this......... Have Nothing To Do With Their Game, and if you do be very careful as to what you put on paper.

    I concur. I am not a CO, but spent several years as a volunteer Chaplain in a Super-Max Prison. The truth is they are not in prison for shooting spitwads in class. They are not all innocent like they claim, and most would take advantage of well-meaning, but naive people all day long.

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    My daughter is a CO. Use a PO box, use pen names, send nothing to the inmates other than the letters your sending as part of this effort.
    Have someone proof read the letters before they are sent to make sure the "gang of 7" have not inadvertently given out some personal information that could make them identifiable. Above never agree to have contact in any fashion with anyone connected to the inmate that is on the outside.

    Also the PO box unless you get it in another town than your own will locate the town the letters are coming from. If it is a smaller town it wouldnt be very hard for someone with that info and what these ladies are doing to ask around and find out the church they go to for a released inmate or friend of one.
    Id recommend going so far as to get the PO box in another town or use a mailing service.

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