Sex Offender Commits Suicide

Sex Offender Commits Suicide

This is a discussion on Sex Offender Commits Suicide within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This guy was a convicted and registered Sex Offender who had a firearm in his possession. WV State Police executed a warrant and the "offender" ...

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Thread: Sex Offender Commits Suicide

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    Sex Offender Commits Suicide

    This guy was a convicted and registered Sex Offender who had a firearm in his possession. WV State Police executed a warrant and the "offender" executed himself with the gun.

    At least he did not shoot one of the Troopers or someone else before he did the deed.

    Sex Offender Commits Suicide at Time of Arrest
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    See? Sometimes even BGs use guns for good purposes.
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    Brady Center will just say it's another victim of gun crime
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    Don't mean to sound intolerant, but why couldn't he have simply made that decision...before he became a Sex Offender?
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    I'm sorry Ghost tracker....We are most definately NOT supposed to tolerate that kind of thing. We have a local prosecuting attorney that would describe the event as the sex offender "self-prosecuted". Sounds good to me.
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    Well one things for sure, the children of Wayne County are a little safer today.
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    For once, the proper use of an illegal firearm! (I guess that's not very Christian of me, but too bad.)
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    I would like to thank Mr. Endicott for saving taxpayer money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I would like to thank Mr. Endicott for saving taxpayer money.
    Mighty considerate of him wish more would do likewise.
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    I hope whatever made him do it is contagious.
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    So many good posts in response. Just assume I "like" them all (didn't want to wear out the "like" button) :)
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    Good for him, at least the LEO's didn't have to use a tax payers boo lit, score one for their local budget!
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    Considering his age..... he may have had a sentence of 20-25 yrs, and got out in 10 yrs..... if he had to go back, he may have been required to finish up his sentence. AT his age, he may have just decided there was no way he was going to live his life out in prison and die there. Being in prison as a sex offender, his life would be in jeopardy every day as it was anyway.
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    Cool beans!
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Oh so sad, too bad! Weigh the cost of his own bullet (that he bought) against keeping his sorry butt in jail, for years, at the Tax Payer's expense.

    OK, I'm cheap. Good Deal! I wish more of them would 'Self Terminate'.

    Pedophiles, Rapists and stupid men who beat their wives because they have a bad day! They can all suck 'lead' as far as I am concerned.

    God how I hate them. Yes, even Marines can unequally hate the true 'scum of the earth', as opposed to those that are just Tangos and run of the mill jerks who might cross my path in a 'not well prepared' way. Rant Off////
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