Caught : Theives Who Stole Deceased Iraq Vets Medals

Caught : Theives Who Stole Deceased Iraq Vets Medals

This is a discussion on Caught : Theives Who Stole Deceased Iraq Vets Medals within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; They are absolutely the lowest form of scum. Burglary first off is reprehensible but to steal the Soldier's medals? I have an idea of what ...

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Thread: Caught : Theives Who Stole Deceased Iraq Vets Medals

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    Caught : Theives Who Stole Deceased Iraq Vets Medals

    They are absolutely the lowest form of scum. Burglary first off is reprehensible but to steal the Soldier's medals? I have an idea of what punishment needs meted out but save that for the comments to come.

    Looking at the photos, they appear to be meth heads. This is the scourge of our land now, any and all dangerously addictive drugs. The need to get more drugs for their addiction is what drives them to steal.

    UPDATE: Fourth Suspect Accused of Stealing War Medals from Deceased Soldier's Family Arrested
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    Send the thieves to The Suck. Let them try to earn some medals of their own.

    Give 'em sticks to prod suspicious looking items along the side of the road.
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Who has a pick-up? We need to haul these four dirtbags to the gator pit (after a fair trial, of course).
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    If you find the lowest of the low and then look under it, you will find these creatures.
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    Cane them, then hang em.
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    Meth heads=zombies
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    Naw, I have a small lake a short distance from my house and would let them take a swim. I am sure the gators would appreciate a tasty meal. Death by gator is slow and painful.
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    Maybe a paid vacation in a jail in Turkey
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    You know they wouldn't have to resort to burglary, if the current administration would get their benefits to them quicker. Probably ran out of minutes on the Obama phones, and just needed a little bit of jingle to get them to the next free pay day. With the justice system the way it is, they're probably already out on the streets, before the medals get returned to the rightful owners. SMH.
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