If given the opportunity....

If given the opportunity....

This is a discussion on If given the opportunity.... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; would any other members with prior military service sign back up to go to Iraq or Afghanistan, even though you may be too old to ...

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Thread: If given the opportunity....

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    If given the opportunity....

    would any other members with prior military service sign back up to go to Iraq or Afghanistan, even though you may be too old to go? I have run across a couple of conversations where people said that they would go if the military would take them. A couple of non-veterans were also wishing they could go in.

    I spent four years in the navy and don't think I would at this stage of my life but maybe if my life and career weren't going very well I would.

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    So fast it would make your head swim....

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    Army, 6 years. Sure I would go back. After I left it I really missed it and almost went back then. I was in a \"special assignment\" so my unit was tight. There is nothing like working with a tight bunch. There is a camaraderie you can\'t find anywhere else. Also you find because of what you do, both work and leisure time are spent with the people in your unit. So your unit becomes like a family with all the pros and cons.

    Would the military take me back, nope. I don\'t think I am over the maximum age, but I have a health issue that disqualifies me.

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    I too would if not for the med wounds I suffered while in. I was called up for a Med re-eval a year or so ago and failed :realmad:. My wife was glad I failed but also sad for me that I did.


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    I\'ve never been in the military. I\'m overweight. I have crappy eyesight. And I\'m 25 years too old. But I would go in a heartbeat. I can load or drive a truck or other heavy equipment. Or any other labor that would free up a younger, able fighting man. [I\'d even fight if they gave me the chance.]

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