Gift for friend getting out of army

Gift for friend getting out of army

This is a discussion on Gift for friend getting out of army within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My best friend is getting out of the army after two tours in 25 days. He is a calvary scout and very proud of it ...

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Thread: Gift for friend getting out of army

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    Gift for friend getting out of army

    My best friend is getting out of the army after two tours in 25 days. He is a calvary scout and very proud of it and what he accomplished over seas. I want to get him a gift but I'm completely lost on what to get him. I thought about a sabre or a belt buckle to go with his spurs and Stetson from cav scout graduation. Let me know if you have any ideas and links to web sights would be a great help. Thanks

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    I'd settle for a six-pack of Guiness or a bottle of Jim Beam Black if it were me.
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    If you're living off of a trust fund maybe a nice engraved colt 1911? Haha if not i agree with old vet, maybe a nice expensive bottle of his favorite liquor and a day at the range. (Separately of course)

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    How about offering to pay for a tattoo for him. Something that he will have forever and maybe that links to him military career.

    Thank him for his service!

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    Give him a flag, both tasteful and very respectful.
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    Maybe ask him what he might like and from all of us here at Dc. A big thank you for his service.
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    Are you a woodworker or do you know one? Here's something I really appreciated.

    Gift for friend getting out of army-usmc-box.jpg
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    Once he realizes what he's getting back, like Family time, weekends, evenings and holidays (no more 365/24/7), it's hard to find an appropriate gift.

    I do think they give flags to people leaving the service now, but would't swear to it.

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    A horse apple encased in Lucite? JUST KIDDING!!!

    A laurel and hardy handshake? JUST KIDDING!!!

    I do not know if he is a drinkin man, but a 25 year old bottle of Glenlivet is about $325.
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    My younger brother joined the U.S. Coast Guard as an E-1, and retired with 30 years as a Lieutenant Commander. At his retirement party I presented him with a Randal knife, with his name and rank engraved on the side. I had to wait three years to get the knife (prior planning), and I think the wait time is closer to five years now. It's the best knife on the planet IMHO, so it's worth it. You could order him a knife today, and put the receipt in a card for him. I've included a link to their web site.

    Randall Made Knives
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    How about one of these,reliving his Cavalry days will be even more special when hes sitting on a horsey
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    Gift for friend getting out of army

    Shadow box with flag and all his decorations inside

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    How about a nice framed certificate that states "Congratulations, You no longer report to President Obama!"
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