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Criteria for where to move

This is a discussion on Criteria for where to move within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Rock and Glock Use of the book requires understanding the criteria they use, and adjusting accordingly. SF was tops for some years, ...

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Thread: Criteria for where to move

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    Use of the book requires understanding the criteria they use, and adjusting accordingly. SF was tops for some years, even when housing was unaffordable but for trust fund babies.

    it's all in the details.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    Here's the way I look at it, and I'm sure that my comments will draw opposing views. Your chances of ever being involved in an incident that calls for the use of firearms is slim, mighty slim, indeed. Your chances of making a decision that could impact your finances for the rest of your life are huge. Only you can decide what is best for you.
    I wouldn't actually only base my criteria on gun laws - our ultimate hope is he'll find something here in FL. Both our parents are here, that's big, especially considering my parents are the only ones who have ever kept the kids overnight - even for a few days sometimes. Add to that his dad is ithe early stages of dementia and we're close enough to help his mom, that's a factor too. Even if we were in a reasonable driving distance, it'd be OK - but to go too far wouldn't be preferred. (I do have a sister in TX at least) We also have a home that's way upside down so that complicates things. I wouldn't be lying though if I said I really really don't want to live somewhere where my rights are heavily restricted. We'll go where we need to for what's best for our family and his career - still, the look he gives me when my first response about this place or that is what their gun laws is, really is a lot of fun!

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    Had to leave Az because 110 heat heart would not take it any longer so we moved to Or but I really like Idaho, wife born in Or and has family. Those that go to Az be careful I spent 15yrs working that area as you know the media never tells the whole truth

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowwalker View Post
    Had to leave Az because 110 heat heart would not take it any longer so we moved to Or but I really like Idaho, wife born in Or and has family. Those that go to Az be careful I spent 15yrs working that area as you know the media never tells the whole truth
    But its DRY heat. I feel ya. Been to AZ a lot when I trucked loved it there but dry heat or not its still heat. Always felt like a baked potato after a week out there.

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    Why not move to WV, all the cool kids live here! Gun laws are very loose,the people are nice, and cost of living is extremely low!

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    Believe it or not Detroit might be an acceptable option if you can stand the cold. We are a shall issue state, have the Castle Doctrine, and plenty of targets. Oh wait, I suppose that was in poor taste...
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    Let him go ahead and move to Chicago. After he's thrown in jail for trying to get to the range, he'll come back home.
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    According to the NRA Minot, ND has more guns than Chicago, but the winters are a tad cooler than Florida.
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    Georgia is a good place to live, also great gun laws.

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    You didn't say where in GA, but most businesses are located around Atlanta. A quick (?) drive thru there is enough to convince me not to live there, the traffic is awful. I lived in central GA for 6 years (Warner Robins) and liked it very much. I think GA is a little tax heavy (incometax, property tax, advalorumtax, etc.) compared to FL.

    Western states are too dry for me, causing nosebleeds literally. Even eastern WA affected my sinuses eventually.

    Hopefully someting works out to your satisfaction.
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    Re: Criteria for where to move

    Don't come to NY. Doesn't matter if its upstate where I am or down state. A bunch of us are now looking to get out of this cesspool of a state.

    We just can't decide where to go. :(

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    I would try to find something closer to your family. I lived 1,000 miles away from mine when they needed me the most. When they are gone,
    they are gone. Jobs can always be found.....parents.....not so much.
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    I understand completely.Living in Florida for weather wise is tough to beat. Hopefully its a raise in pay rather than a lateral move to another location

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    Quote Originally Posted by gallardo.g23 View Post
    that really sucks! i live in southern oregon and i love it here. i have 3 shooting spots in the mountains that i can go to one is 15 miles from home, 2nd is about 25 and third is about 35 miles from home. and all are great spots i carry my gun all the time in my vehicle and don't have my ccl yet but oregon is a really gun friendly state. if ur husband gets a job offer for oregon jump on it!
    However, I would HIGHLY suggest to AVOID Multnomah County (where Portland is located). The rest of the state is a bit more reasonable. I'd move out of this county if I could.
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    I would live closer to family if I could. We're 350 miles from my parents and 1800 miles from my in-laws
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