Just saw Flag's of Our Fathers

Just saw Flag's of Our Fathers

This is a discussion on Just saw Flag's of Our Fathers within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I thought it was worth seeing, seamed pretty accurate from everything I've ever read or seen about the Flag raising. Some of the stuff if ...

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Thread: Just saw Flag's of Our Fathers

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    Just saw Flag's of Our Fathers

    I thought it was worth seeing, seamed pretty accurate from everything I've ever read or seen about the Flag raising. Some of the stuff if it was never brought up, may have been best for the families of the Flag Raisers, but I guess you really can't go wrong if your honest either.

    I think I'm going to have to call my grandpa tomarrow and thank him again for his service.

    (He was an Army medic on Okiwinoa during WWII)
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    Make sure to toss in an extra thanks for me too.
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    Thank him for me also. The last I heard we are losing over 2000 WWII veterans a day. We need to thank as many as we can while we still can.
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    Yeah, I'm sure it's good but afraid I don't do war movies any more. Personall reasons that hit too close to home in too many ways.

    My father was in 5 amphib assaults in the south pacific on the push from the Solomons north. He pretty much refused to talk about it much untill he cracked the door open a little the last few years of his life. I sure wish the younger generations today had a clue what it cost some of their forebears to preserve this country and world for them is all I can say about it.

    In my dads case it was three years of combat without any more than in theater leave for occasional breaks. They were guarenteed to be rotated home after three assaults but that got thrown out because there weren't enough bodies still moving around by then so he got promoted to officer and told to keep going. Hard to imagine the casualty levels that were acceptable then. Hard to imagine, sometimes, the way our govt. treats it's veterans as well....
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    I find it hard watching these movies - maybe because of family stuff and they are so darned realistic these days too. I shall make a point to see it eventually tho.

    My dad - now 9 years gone, was only around to spawn me because on D Day he was too ill to function and could not go. He was a tank commander and that day and following, he lost his whole outfit. His closest friend he lost in Battle of Britain - Spit' pilot - oh yes, I know of so many who didn't make it home.

    I salute every man Jack of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osanmike View Post
    Thank him for me also. The last I heard we are losing over 2000 WWII veterans a day. We need to thank as many as we can while we still can.
    Hope to catch the flick some time this week. MAY WE NEVER FORGET!
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    I saw the movie last night with my son-in-law who was a Navy hospital corpsman who trained with the Marines of the cold war era. I am a Viet Nam era vet, so much of the movie was a touchstone for me. We owe so much to the vets of all wars and should tell them so while we have the opportunity.
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    My wife's dad was a marine who flew close air support in his Corsair over Iwo Jima. The old guy has 18 air to air kills and holds the Navy Cross among many other awards for valor. Yes I DO regard him as a bona fide hero, but like most true heroes of the era, he is very reticent to discuss it. I discovered the medals by accident and the CITATION that was given by the Sec Nav was unbelievable! Pop is flying point in front of the bulk of the famed "Black Sheep Squadron" led by old Pappy Boyington himself and he jumps a flight of over 40 zeros by himself, dropping five in the first ten minutes before the rest of the squadron arrived to back him up. DANG. He just let me read the citation and refused to comment except to say he was no hero...but he flew with a BUNCH of heroes. That's typical. In his time in the USMC he flew with both the Black Sheep and with an outfit called "Blackburns Irregulars." 2000 a day? Geeze last time I checked a few years ago it was 300 a day. You know something? Pop isn't afraid of death at all. He's ready to go and join his beloved wife of 49 years. I guess that death whispered past his head so often during the war, it's almost like an old friend. Being a strong Christian helps too.
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    Good movie. Read the book, it's excellent too.
    My pop was USN Corpsman in So. Pacific... landed on Saipan, Tinian, Phillipines and Guam. Only told us the funny stories..but, the tears were close to the surface. He went home just before 9-11.
    God bless all the WWII vets...they were REAL men.
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    This film is on my "must see" list.

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    Saw it myself a couple days ago. Grips the soul...

    A Big Thank You to all those old Vets out there, God Bless Them.
    For God, Family and Country!

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    The SgtMaj from my first FMF squadron lives down the street, he won't go see the flick because " he lived it"

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    My Grandpa was in the Army in the Pacific theater, fighting the Japs. He didn't talk about it either, but I guess he told my grandama a few stories and she relayed them to me and my mom & aunts after he died in '81. I have his flag and his ribbons & Medals. and I passed a Jap rifle that he brought back to one of my younger cousins.

    Back then, America new how to win wars, it seems they forgot just after WWII was ended, cause since, we haven't hardly ever lost a battle, but the politicos haven't let us win a war. Our enemies know this all too well, as evidenced by the tactics they are now using. Heck, they probably know our history better than most citizens.

    It's a sad state of affairs IMO, and I worry about our future in the context of today's PC war mentality.

    I will go to see the film ASAP.
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    My Grandfather was a Marine on Gaudacanal, Bouginville, and a couple of the other Solomon Islands. He recieved 3 purple hearts and was discharged as a Master Gunnery Sargent. I always looked at him as a hero, and grew up wanting to be a Marine. He turned 86 last month and you can still see bits of metal in his left leg. About 4 years ago I was flying with him to see my Uncle in New Mexico and he set off the metal detector. He had the explain about his leg, that was the first I had ever heard of it. The majority of us have no idea of the sacrifices that his generation made, we owe it to them not to squander the freedom or oppurtuinty that they gave so much for.


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    I went to see it... Brought me to tears thinking about what all the men and women in that war had to go through... Right now I'm just trying to take advantage of the opportunities they've given me to do something with my life worthy of their sacrifices, or atleast trying to do something that I don't think they would be disappointed in... On a side note, my great grandfathers brother (Paul Blatchford) was a Navajo code talker at the Battle of Iwo Jima, and my great grandfather served in the European theater of the war.

    This is a bit about him:

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