I've got a little problem here.

I need one-on-one practice, not just the heavy bag and rope boards.

My former instuctor is nowhere to be found and no longer teaches at any rate.

The karate schools frown on what I do- Muy Thai, and something that looks kinda' like a mixture between Seagul and Bruce Lee, with some Jailhouse Rock thrown in for good measure.

I cannot practice with the karate guys, because their instructors do not appreciate the "lack of discipline" in what I do. By this they mean I am not rigid. As well, my black belt rank doesn't transfer, mostly because of the excuse that I rank as "first instructor" instead of "first dan." I type out black belt on here and other places so I don't have to go about explaining what first instructor entails. It's not fair when free sparring with the true white belts.

Again, I cannot practice with the boxers here, because they, well, just box. No groundwork, nothing.

My training partners have either disappeared or are, in one case, dead.

I've searched the surrounding counties without luck.

I've been hoping to find a student my age (29 in November), but the students applicants are either young or much older. Senor citizens approach me for non-firearm training and I've trained kids, but nobody my age has come forward.

I need to do some of this dynamic stuff and am at a loss.

Any ideas?


Josh <><