Politics in Nevada...

Politics in Nevada...

This is a discussion on Politics in Nevada... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I posted this on another forum, so if this is the second time you're reading it please forgive me... My mother, with all the grace ...

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Thread: Politics in Nevada...

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    Angry Politics in Nevada...

    I posted this on another forum, so if this is the second time you're reading it please forgive me...

    My mother, with all the grace and patience she can muster, teaches 4th grade at a VERY inner city school in Las Vegas, NV. She is, and has always been a spectacular teacher and she is VERY good at getting her students interested and motivated about the topics she covers.

    Recently my mother covered a unit with her class on Nevada History and Government. Along with this lecture she often teaches her children about national and state pride as well as civil responsibility. Soon after this unit began her students started to ask with concern about the Nevada flag that hangs outside their school. Visiting her school I can vouch for their concern. The condition of this flag is beyond reproach, it is nearly disgraceful that a community would let such a bastion of pride and history fall into utter disrepair. Her students, upon noticing the poor condition of this flag, began to bustle with concern and my mother recognized this as a spectacular opportunity to teach children about their civil duties. Her fourth grade class, many of which have no passion whatsoever for the written word, began a letter writing campaign to our own Governor Kenny Guinn. In this letter they detailed their pride in our fine state, and they asked, respectfully if they could recieve a state flag, possibly one that had been retired from the capital building in Carson City.

    These fourth grade students, who generally show little concern for anything other than lunch, were now waiting pensively, asking daily if they had yet recieved a reply from our state's capital. Today the reply came, from the desk of Governor Kenny Guinn. Mr. Guinn commented that, while he was pleased that students showed such appreciation for our state, the state of Nevada somehow lacked the FUNDING to provide even a single used Nevada flag to this school!

    This news came to shock and amaze me! I would have understanded if our Governor would have replied indicating that he could not play favorites, and that sending a flag to this school would require him to send a flag to EVERY school, but this was not the form or intent of his reply. Somehow, the GREAT state of Nevada lacks the disposable currency to provide even a SINGLE state flag to inspire pride in the hearts of students at even a SINGLE school, only DAYS before our the anniversary of our state's inception nonetheless!

    Today, we wonder why more and more children are becoming disenfranchised with the American government and way of life. We WONDER why people seem to take no pride in their country, their state, and their home...and here is why. Here we have children, many of whom come from shattered and broken homes and have had little if any educational or inspirational opportunities who are now GRASPING for SOMETHING to believe in, SOMETHING to take pride in, and their own government is turning a blind eye.

    My mother, even with her modest income could easily afford to purchase a state flag herself, and she gladly would, but this is not the point. These children, like many adults, are searching for a government that will respect THEIR wishes and THEIR interests and their representatives have given them the cold shoulder.

    Hopefully, not all agencies will press these students to the back of their mind. Tomorrow, at my advisement, my mother will contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Clark County Sheriff's Department, and our local Nellis Air Force Base. Hopefully then this school will recieve the flag and the morale boost it so desperately needs. Furthermore, I could think of no better lesson in state pride and patriotism than to see some of Nevada's, or our Nation's finest defenders come in dress uniform and raise the state and national flag in representation of the hope that tomorrow brings.
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    I bet if your students donated to his campaign they would get a flag.

    That's just an awful thing to read about. Get the students to get their parents to write in. Massive letter campaign....
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    I might even be tempted to let the press, as little as I respect them, know about the situation and the reply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ELCruisr View Post
    I might even be tempted to let the press, as little as I respect them, know about the situation and the reply.
    Amen ! I wouldn't mind giving a little arse chewing myself.
    Oh please.....give the press a call !
    ...or if you don't....get in touch your local USMCR post and have a little talk about your ideas with the XO or CO and see what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELCruisr View Post
    I might even be tempted to let the press, as little as I respect them, know about the situation and the reply.
    I'm with you. Most of the press loves to do the human interest stuff where kids are trying to do something good. Couldn't hurt to give it a try. Worst that could happen is they say "no"... like the governor.
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    Get It In The News...

    during the next two weeks...
    The class WILL get their flag, and voters will learn something about who to vote for...

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