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What other hobbies do you all enjoy?

This is a discussion on What other hobbies do you all enjoy? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; At my age, I have gone through so many 'hobbies'... I like working on old cars and old planes. Wife and I are avid birders, ...

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Thread: What other hobbies do you all enjoy?

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    At my age, I have gone through so many 'hobbies'...

    I like working on old cars and old planes. Wife and I are avid birders, often spending lots of time photographing wildlife. We have both been wild animal trainers/handlers on the eco-education circuit. I've raced cars for trophies, not money. Never been a hunter, love to shoot.

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    I used to fish until I got too feeble to handle my boat. I used to write novels until my muse picked the handcuff lock and escaped. I used to reload for a lot of calibers but not so much anymore. Come to think of it, I need to get a new hobby.
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    Woodworking, Photography and Golf.

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    I enjoy restoring old photos, to the point that I've turned it into a part-time business. Please don't tell my clients how much I enjoy it.
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    Re: What other hobbies do you all enjoy?

    Photography, geocaching, amateur radio.

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    1. Woodworking
    2. Geocaching
    3. Golf
    4. Messing up other peoples Wikipedia entries

    (Just kidding on number 4!)
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    Nature photography, mostly birda and bugs... You can see some here if you like.
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    I Shoot Birds With A Canon.

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    Motorcycles, fishing, golf, welding, birding, hiking.....lots of stuff

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    Archery, hunting, fishing camping, ATV's and play golf all summer long! I have recently started flying R/C helicopters.
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    I enjoy beer and scotch tastings, cigar smoking, off roading, fishing, hunting, and general shenanigans.

    I also enjoy mounting light bars and vehicle lighting systems. Its fun to me to get all the flashy lights working, I've even managed to make a bit of money off of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post
    Cross stitch, other creative arts, mechanical doll making and sewing. I did make porcelain dolls, but have gotten away from it because I don't have a kiln. I enjoy raising plants and have a nice collection of African violets as well as some plants that I have had for over 20 years. I want to do some long term landscaping and would love to start a food garden this spring. I have all kinds of plans, but it depends on what I can physically do. I know...girly stuff, but I am a girl.
    Exactly what I was going to say...
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    Motorcycle and ATV riding, Disc golf.

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    1) Restoring or repairing anything mechanical (cars, motorcycles, washing machines, etc.), driving high-performance or "interesting" cars (sports, muscle, 4x4, etc.).
    2) Fitness/health - weight training, cardio conditioning, eating healthy.
    3) Self-defense: Trained in Taekwondo for the past year, recently switched to Krav Maga, self-study on Combatives, etc.

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    I have been doing a lot of ATV riding the past couple of years.

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    My main hobby is working with Liberals in achieving the total destruction of the Second Amendment and going around with the Special Gun Confiscation Squad and "collecting" guns.

    No, really, that isn't what I do.

    I play drums and sometimes bass guitar, sing and write some songs. I'm in a group of other musicians getting together on a weekly basis to jam. We lock the door, make people pay to get out and I earn some extra cash for that.

    I like to golf. I like to collect coins and Native American stone tools. I'm kind of a rock hound along with my wife who likes gemstones, namely diamonds. J/K she wants to learn to make jewlery and I do flintknapping a bit making reproduction stone tools.

    I did have a decent "collection" of guns but that was reduced by some thieving thug in a burglary. Now my "hobby" will be to acquire replacements. Unless of course my collection of paychecks won't be enough to cover it
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