Trac Fone cell phone service

Trac Fone cell phone service

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Thread: Trac Fone cell phone service

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    Trac Fone cell phone service

    Been a customer of Verizon wireless for over 20 years now. They have changed hands over the years, and i think it was originally cellular one here in upstate ny at one point. Anyways, my service contract is going to expire in a few months. I have a NON smart phone, which i prefer, and have unlimited texting and airtime talk for $80 after all the taxes are said and done. I dont have a landline, so i usually talk up to 900 minutes per month on my cell phone, and text a little also.

    Most of the new phones on the market are smart phones, which with the added data package that is required, would put me aound $120/month for cell phone service, as well as smart phone online features that i dont need or want. Enter the idea of Trac Fone.

    Have been doing some research, and i can get a trac phone that i like for $50, and for $200, i can get 4500 minutes of talk/text time (with triple airtime bonus with purchase of phone). This saves me rounghly$500 year, based on how much i will need to prepay for minutes, averaging my current consumption.

    Does anyone have a trac fone? My brother in law switched his family to trac fones, and is saving a bundle. His phone does get reception at my house, and all the surrounding areas. Any suggestions??? thanks for the help. Bunker
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    I do its great (straight talk) plus for 45 a month unlmited calling, I can talk till i have a tumor.

    I have mine on an iphone4 now.

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    TracFone was okay for us for quite some time (especially for my kids). But they screwed up our service - we had a recurring plan on 2 phones and one month they charged the card for the service but didn't apply it to the right phone. So, when I called Customer Service (and that is not a good name for them) they basically told me that I would have to restart my service on the phone they screwed up on and charge my card again. I told them to take a hike and we moved my kids over to Virgin Mobile where the rest of us had service.
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    Never used Tracfone but I used Straight Talk, which is a subsidary of Tracfone; for whatever that's worth...

    My only real gripe with it was how slow and useless the data was. A smartphone without data is not very smart and their data speeds were terrible. If you aren't using a smart phone, I doubt you'd tell much difference between them and whatever service they are buying minutes from. They buy from a number of carriers but my plan was through the AT&T network and voice and text was about the same as when I was paying AT&T for the same service.

    If their data hadn't been terrible, I'd still be using ST as I loved the unlimited voice minutes.
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    We have been with Trac Phone for some time and it has worked out great for us

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    I have been on Trac-Fone for many wears and have been very satisfied with their service. I still use an old dumb phone but all I need is voice and occasional text services.
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    I don't have any experience with Trac-Fone, but I've been with GhettoPCS since AT&T tried to bang me for $1,400 in minutes/text on a phone I had a request for service disconnect on 3 months prior (2007).

    MetroPCS charges a flat $55 including tax per month for unlimited local/long distance calls, text, data, email. Coverage is surprisingly good, even places where AT&T was spotty.

    The one strange thing is, I lose signal quality as soon as I walk into my house (CBS with Bahama Shutters on all windows), and ONLY MY HOUSE, not other concrete and steel buildings. Its like the PO built a Faraday Cage around the house.

    That's about the only time my phone stops ringing anyway.

    The only other downside is, if you don't pay for 2 months in a row they'll sell your number. The PO of my number must have racked up several thousand dollars at Rent-A-Room, because it took me 2 years to get them to stop calling me monthly, looking for the PO.

    If you port your existing number over, you shouldn't have a problem.

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    I've never been in a situation that I couldn't figure out without a smartphone.
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    We have been looking for a prepaid plan for my daughter, we discovered that on some plans, if you don't use the minutes you paid for in 90 day's, you loose them. Not sure what route we will go.
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    My wife and I have used tracfone for years. Works great for us. We recently upgraded to smartphones and use the straight talk service. $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and data. Works great! Using it right now to browse actually!

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    I have been considering switching to Page Plus from Verizon.
    Prepaid Cell Phone Cards | Prepaid National Cell Phones

    They utilize the same network as Verizon.
    Unlimited Talk, Text, and 200MB of data for $40.
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