Dog trainers here?

Dog trainers here?

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Thread: Dog trainers here?

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    Dog trainers here?

    Hey Guys,

    I have a Lab that I am getting ready to train. I have purchased an electronic collar, but feel like I need to be trained before I train my dog. I know that it can be easy to make mistakes when training a dog and I don't want my dog to pay for my mistakes.

    I guess I am specifically looking for training videos that deal with the electronic collars and how to use them correctly and effectively. I know that some collar "kits" come with videos... mine did not.

    If you have a spare or wouldn't mind lending yours out for a couple of days I would be eternally grateful.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Look at "Good Dog, Bad Dog" by Margolis.

    Also check out "The Dog Whisperer" by Ceasar Milan. Milan also has a show on National Geographic Channel called the "Dog Whisperer". His training is phenom and very effective.

    The main risk with a collar is over-using it and de-sensitizing the dog to the correction. You need to be very careful there.
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    How old is your Lab and has he had any obedience training to date? What is that you are trying to train or break the dog of? If you are new to dog training, and it sounds as if you might be, I would recommend extreme caution in using a shock collar unless under the guidance of an experienced trainer. There are just too many subtle things that you can do wrong that will have a negative impact on the dog rather than the result your seeking.

    Something else to consider is a Citronella collar. These are most often bark collars but PetSmart has one called the Spray Commander which can be operated by radio control using a small hand carried transmitter. The benefit of the Citronella collar is that it is a gentler, non-violent form of correction. Depending on the dog's temperament, a shock collar may bring out aggression. I was skeptical yet open-minded at first of the effectiveness of Citronella but it quickly proved itself to be quite effective for my dog. My dog is very stubborn and independent but somewhat sensitive to discomfort.

    Even with the Citronella collar however, I would highly recommend a professional trainer. These will not provide the desired result either unless used properly. By professional I mean a trainer other than what you'll find at the big chain pet stores. There are some things I learned from their methods but they're too wishy-washy and unstructured for me.

    I would be open to helping you outside of this forum depending on your location. You can see where I am. I am not a professional trainer as it is not a business for me but I expect a lot out of my dogs and have been very successfull in bringing out their best. This one I have now was a horrible, I mean HORRIBLE, puppy. Every problem in the book, she had it. I actually was worried that there was something mentally wrong with her. With a lot of work and patience though she's turned out to be a pretty darn good dog. I used the Citronella collar on her to break her of chasing cats and a couple of other minor bothersome behaviors while off-leash.

    And lastly, the videos that I've seen don't sufficiently cover all aspects of training. I believe only a trainer that is face-to-face can sufficiently provide enough info to help you in all aspects. There are just too many variables in dog training for what I call the A-B-C approach. If you want your dog to do "A", then do "B", and the result will be "C". Dogs don't work like that. What works for one may not work for the next one. The videos can not compensate for that.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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    I'm No Expert...

    but I have had several collars down through the years...some were ok...some had their problems.
    Over a 30 year other technology, they have really changed in quality.
    I have had my present collar(s) for the last 4 years. Purchased through Cabella's, it is comprised of one transmitter unit which operates two collars, and is completely re-chargeable.
    One has to be careful about 'how' and 'when' the collar is used, but it is an effective way to control behavior(s). Regardless of what some individual may say, smart dogs figure out...quickly...the idea of the collar. Both of my dogs only need to have the collar on and, poof...instant change...seldom do I ever use them...just have them on...

    Mine work very well, and behaviors can be at a time...very quickly.

    There are video programs available to explain the proper use of such a device.

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