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W.H. Releases Photo of Obama Shooting a Gun

This is a discussion on W.H. Releases Photo of Obama Shooting a Gun within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; On closer examination that appears to be an orange cap on the muzzle, does Airsoft make shotguns??...

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Thread: W.H. Releases Photo of Obama Shooting a Gun

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    On closer examination that appears to be an orange cap on the muzzle, does Airsoft make shotguns??
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    White House - "Please don't Photoshop this image." Fail. This might end up being the most Photohopped image in history.
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    Why is it that Big O is quick to produce a photo allegedly firing a shotgun, yet still has not produced a bonafide "birth certificate"?
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    This pic speaks to the arrogance and narcissism of this administration. One would think that someone in his SS detail would have provided "tech assistance" with this pic. I'm assuming they chose not to or were ignored. I wonder if anyone on that detail was thinking wait until people see this?
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    Good call on the birth certificate!

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    This is the original...

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    this thread..............priceless
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    Why do most believe that this was a very recent photo shoot to end the controversy over his statement "we shoot skeet........"
    Simply because of his proven past proven lies. The one that I liked was during a speech he stated "my father fought in WWll". His father was only eight years old in 1944 and the WH quickly released a statement saying the president misspoke, it was an uncle, but none were old enough either. But it could have been the guy living, out of wedlock, with obama's mother. Maybe it was his uncle that served at the end of the war that Obama stated helped liberate Auschwitz. The Russians liberated the camps not the American Army.
    We have a pathological lier as our president.
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    I have a "Conservatives Only" FB page and someone said something interesting. They don't think that's actually Obama in the picture. They said Obama doesn't have a gut like that because he's pretty slim and runs. IDK... it's possible that it could be a look-alike because with the ear protectors, glasses, and gun up to his face it's hard to be sure.

    It doesn't really matter because he lies about everything, it's just interesting to discuss.

    BTW, why is there smoke coming out of the side of the barrel?
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    Ports. As follows:

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Pathological Liar = Bread and Butter = Beer and Pretzels = Arugula and Dressing = Blah blah blah = NOLA and Power Outage
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanlouise View Post
    I have a "Conservatives Only" FB page and someone said something interesting.
    Which one?

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    Have you ever seen anyone .... ever .... shoot skeet with their gun horizontal ?? Ever ? PHOTO SHOPPED !!!!

    the gun is all wrong in his shoulder as well.... idiots don't even know where it should be.
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