Mousegun Needed

Mousegun Needed

This is a discussion on Mousegun Needed within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Maybe this should be in "Home Defense." Was reloading some 9mm yesterday evening when I heard a scream from upstairs. "Come quick, I need help." ...

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Thread: Mousegun Needed

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    Mousegun Needed

    Maybe this should be in "Home Defense."

    Was reloading some 9mm yesterday evening when I heard a scream from upstairs. "Come quick, I need help." Fortunately I happened to be carrying my new HK (breaking in the new holster), so I ran up the stairs expecting to have to defend against a home invasion.

    In the great room, I found two cats running around like crazy after a mouse that had gotten into the house. The funniest part was when the mouse ran under the still sleeping dog (Great Pyr - 150lbs of white fur). Wow! Did it ever get exciting when the cats tried to dig the mouse out from under the dog!

    There was Mrs Pockets, trying to get out of the way, and screaming "Don't shoot the cats!" Silly woman, 9mm would have been too much for a mouse, but if I'd had a mousegun, I might have considered it.

    Needless to say, there is one less mouse in the world. And fortunately, no holes in the floor.

    See, it's always exciting at our house.
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    That makes for a great "remember when" story

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    Mouse gun?

    I was thinking by reading the title of the thread you NEEDED a small caliber "mouse gun" such as a .25 automatic.

    I'd have popped the mouse with the Nine. Seriously. Shooting a mouse with anything less is dangerous. There is nothing worse than a wounded mouse.
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    Funny story. If you haven't, you might want to think about disinfecting the area with bleach due to the prevalence of Hantavirus carried by mice.
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    Thanks...I needed the laugh!
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    The sticky mouse traps are the way to go, should your one mouse have friends. Anytime I see evidence of a mouse, it's always 3-4 before I stop catching them. I like to leave a live mouse stuck to the trap for awhile, because another will almost always come to help him (or molest him, I'm not sure), resulting in two for the price of one. LOL

    Glad you had fun with it.
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    get new cats.
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    Thats a riot. My wife saw a mouse in the garage a month ago and two days later a 3' black snake. She saw both coming out of a storage room in the garage. I told her to leave both alone because the snake was not dangerous and would take care of the mouse. She did not see the mouse for a couple of weeks so I figured the snake got him.
    Yesterday I got in my H3 (had the windows down) and there were mouse turds on my carpet. Can't find the Snake!
    Must be a bad mouse...

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    Wow I live a quiet and boring life. You seem to have excitement often. Good post. But Id bet seeing it for real was a trip.

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