I never really thought much about the U.N. either way, and didn't believe that they had much real power since there were enough large nations with differing views to block key treaties. So, more peacekeeping efforts than anything. Apparently I was wrong.

The Small Arms Treaty was a surprise. Now, I am reading about what they are doing with the Internet, and how this has been planned for many years. Below are a few quotes that seem to have parallels with the Small Arms Treaty. It makes you wonder what their ultimate goal is, and what's next? It's just crazy.

"the U.N.'s harmful designs on the Internet are at least a decade old, and its agenda is comprised almost entirely of lies and deceit."

" the ITU's frighteningly successful agenda to take control of the Internet by redefining telecommunications treaties in direct benefit to ITU bedfellows not limited to China, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia."

FCC to Congress: U.N.'s ITU Internet plans 'must be stopped' | ZDNet