Few choices for internet connection

Few choices for internet connection

This is a discussion on Few choices for internet connection within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I don't live in a city, in fact it's pretty rural here, so I don't have many worthwhile ISP's. I've been on Hughesnet satellite service ...

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Thread: Few choices for internet connection

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    Few choices for internet connection

    I don't live in a city, in fact it's pretty rural here, so I don't have many worthwhile ISP's. I've been on Hughesnet satellite service for several years. In fact they've gone though several changes, so I presume my equipment needs an upgrade.

    Before I re-enlist with them, do any of ya'll have any other ideas, or satellite services that offer some decent speeds. I did a speed test a few minutes ago from mytest.net and I was getting about 2.0 Mbps.

    Available also, is Bluebird, a radio signal wireless connection to consider.

    A new AT&T cell tower is nearby and I was wondering about getting some sort of interent connection from it?

    There is no cable, fiberoptics, or worthy phone dial-up available. My choices are satellite, radio wireless, or something from the cell phone tower.

    Any experience, suggestions, or ideas?
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    I recently moved to a rural part of Arizona (not that rural really, 60,000 people live within half an hour) and have two options for internet. One was a satellite company, very expensive, data limited, slow, and 2 year contract and hefty installation fee required. The other option is a smartphone that I can use as a personal hotspot to connect the laptop. Its not very fast either. I chose the smartphone, on Verizon's network, and am happy with it. Its extremely expensive (went from paying $20-30/month for cheapo pay as you go phones for me and the wife to $150, but the satellite place was over 100 and we also have unlimited minutes) but its the only way we can have internet, and its worth it to us. We're happy with the speed, though we don't watch tv shows or many videos, or do really any downloading at all, because we're paying for data.

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    Our choices were the same as yours; satellite, radio wireless, or something from the cell phone tower.

    We picked the radio wireless and it seems to be quite good.

    I was thinking of satellite first, but read about latency issues. I've seen ads recently for Hughsnet where they say that they have increased their speed, but I doubt this would effect latency.

    My phone also has a WiFi hotspot which we use at home when something happens to our normal system, and use when we are camping. The performance of this varies drastically depending where you are, specifically how close you are to the tower and also how many other people are using the tower, and, of course, whether your local system supports 3G or 4G. (We have 3G). Our plan on the phone has a limit of 5 gig per month. This is fine for "normal" use. However, you might go over if you watch a lot of videos, or listen to music over the internet.

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    I have been running a Verizon wireless modem for the last six or seven years. It works wherever there is cell phone signal. It isn't cheap, but it is generally reliable.
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