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Geez. That looks like the U.P. in...I think it was '96-97?, except all at once!

I'll bet Buffalo has some of same kind of equipment they have in Houghton. You know the snow is going away when you see all that stuff that looks like major earth-moving equipment come out. They can erase feet of snow in no time at all.

Sorry to hear about the loss of life. Snow is like the ocean: it can be fun to play in, but it can kill you pretty darn fast, which is why you never turn your back to it (the ocean that is).
Yeah there is heavy equipment. But that blizzard was just too tough while it was going on to do more than try to rescue people - after it was over there was a driving ban on for a week to clean up snow, National Guard came in and they had to use railroad cars to move the snow out. But the drifts were huge, In the city 20-25 feet some of them and worse out in the country in places. A few of us broke the driving ban one day and left the city and drove aways out. It looked exactly like a different planet in some places, the snow formations. Weird and almost beautiful.

We haven't really had bad winters much the last few years, but the press takes all the snow from nearby areas - which do get hit, around ski country south of here, and reports Buffalo as having had the snow, when we may have had nothing.