Pretty stupid

Pretty stupid

This is a discussion on Pretty stupid within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Wife and son were out of town one evening and I was just going to go to the local Sub shop to get something to ...

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Thread: Pretty stupid

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    Pretty stupid

    Wife and son were out of town one evening and I was just going to go to the local Sub shop to get something to eat. Boxing match was coming on and I was in a hurry to get back. I grabbed my rig, which I carry SOB with a clip on. I wasn't going to be gone long and this was a quick run so I didn't bother putting on a belt and just clipped to the jeans. Pants fit tight enough, won't be a problem. Got to the sub shop and I standing at the counter ordering and low and behold, I felt my rig take a Southerly direction. I tried to fake it by putting my hand on by lower back saying I had back problems. About this time, an elderly lady walks in and is standing behind me. I excused myself to the counter man to retreat to the restroom. As I was turning, the rig slipped even lower into the "I'm in trouble zone." I had no choice left but to grab the seat of my pants and move through the Sub shop holding my butt like I was ready to go that very second. I made rearrangements in the restroom and came back out. No further conservation was exchanged between me and the counter man and the elderly lady was MIA. I guess she thought the place was unsanitary. Lesson learned, there is no quick runs and always wear a belt.
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    Sorry, but that is funny! Thanks for sharing and teaching us all a lesson! At least the gun didn't fall out and hit the floor!
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    Good Story. Worthwhile reading.
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    Yep - carry cannot be too unplanned or rushed

    An amusing story with no harm done.
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    Just don't know what to say, but thanks for posting an interesting story. Wonder what the old lady really thought?

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    I think I would have just left straight out of the bathroom. It's hard to face people when you gotta do the "butt walk".

    Might not have been so bad, when you were back out in like 5 seconds?!?!? short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    Sorry but that was funny

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    lesson learne d?
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    Oh, well, that's one of those lessons that you probably won't repeat!

    And, well sorry, but that was pretty funny!!
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    Sounds like you found it as funny as the rest of us. Thanks for sharing.
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    LOL.... a heckuva' scene I bet !
    sounds like you need a second rig just for those purposes... smaller gun and pocket holster...

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    A wise person can laugh at themselves, and share it! Thanks for the laugh - I visualized as I ROFLMAO............
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    I resemble this story.
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    Thanks, for learning the lesson for me. I will take my time for those quick outs.

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    Now that must have been a sight to see. LOL
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