E-mail to a liberal humorists

E-mail to a liberal humorists

This is a discussion on E-mail to a liberal humorists within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm not much for writing to editorials, etc. but a local "humorist" in the Sunday Palm Beach Post here in S. Florida had a snippy ...

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Thread: E-mail to a liberal humorists

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    Angry E-mail to a liberal humorists

    I'm not much for writing to editorials, etc. but a local "humorist" in the Sunday Palm Beach Post here in S. Florida had a snippy article making fun of Pennsylvania's AG not honoring FL CWFL unless a resident of FL. He made a point of refering to our CWFLs as our "bumper crop." Well, it pushed my button, so to speak.

    Here's the e-mail I sent him:

    Dear Mr. (Frank) Cerabino,

    As a resident of Florida and a holder of a Concealed Weapons and Firearm License, I resent your poor attempt at humor reflected in this Sunday issue of the Palm Beach Post. Your anti-gun attitude glistens like a diamond in the Florida sunshine--bright and shiny but does nothing to increase its worth. So a CWFL is no more than a crop to you. Fine. To me it's a state-sanctioned license to protect myself, one that according to the Second Amendment I should not even need.

    So Pennsylvania has closed the "Florida Loophole." Good for PA! It has finally done what Florida did at the start. There is no question of reciprocy here. PA will still honor Florida "residents" who hold a CWFL, just as Florida does with other states. You must be a resident of the state whose license you hold for it to be honored, as it always should have been for the very reason the PA attorney general closed that loophole. Simple as that, if you knew as much about a concealed carry license as you put on.

    I obtained a carry license because I'm old, disabled, cannot outrun or fight off someone intending to do me harm, and after a home break-in, I am going to do whatever I need to do to legally defend myself, as God and our forefathers intended. After 20-plus years in the service, I think I've earned that right, even thought it is given to every American citizen upon birth.

    If you choose to dial 911 should you be accosted by someone with ill-intent, in lieu of taking steps to protect yourself, good luck with that. Whip that smart phone out. See who responds first, the police--or the bad guy. I'm betting the the police will be placing a call to the medical examiner when they finally arrive. Maybe they'll even borrow your phone to call--if the bad guy didn't take it with him.

    I'm surprised you didn't post pictures of little children to emphasize your article and draw more attention. I guess the president one-upped you there. As for me, I'm hoping for a Florida bumper crop this year!

    Sincerely, and wishing to remain anonymous,
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    Very good! The only thing I would have changed is "Your anti-gun attitude glistens like fools gold in the Florida sunshine--bright and shiny but has no real value". but that's just me! Really, very good!
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    Florida's "bumper crop" is actually its large number of citizens who carry firearms legally. The fact that Mr. Cerabino considers them objects of derision can only mean that he finds more value in those who carry illegally. Hmmm! Sure hope he keeps that cell phone battery charged up!

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