I didn't know if anyone around VA/WV knew of this range or not. I decided to check out "The Cove" this past weekend. I think technically it's located in Gore, VA, but given the 5-6 miles of jeep trails to get back up in there I'm not sure. The main turn off was in Gore.

At any rate, I got to the main office which is in their Campground/lakeside area(seems kinda nice and you can even rent small cabins by the lake). It's $15 per day to get in. From the office I took a few miles trek with all of it being on a somewhat normal gravel/washboard road that runs you through the campground property and the family farm lands. The entire campground facility etc... is owned by one family IIRC.

Once you pay at the office and head off to the range the last 1.5-2 miles or so of the road to the target range was ...more of a jeep trail. FAIR WARNING. Don't go to the range at the cove unless you have a JEEP or a truck with good AT's and 4x4. You probably will get stuck in a car. That actually added to the fun. I was definitely glad I took the jeep. That was an adventure all itself just getting to the range area.

Once at the range area it looks like they have something like a 15, 35, and 100 yard sections. You are shooting into the backside of a mountain. The 100 yard section looks to easily accomodate 20+ people on the line at any time assuming the RSO keeps everyone in order. Even with the remoteness they DO keep an RSO on duty at the range. It's also a bring your own target stands range as well.

All in all it was a great Sunday afternoon. I spoke with the guy running the office for a bit on my way out and he mentioned they were going to be adding built in steel targets on the shorter range section the following week and within a month or so adding covered sections with benches etc...

If you show up on the weekends I would expect a visit from 10-20 jeeps as the local jeep clubs tend to hit the area on the weekends as the property does include Jeep specific trails for the 4x4 mud/rock fun.
I actually found their website last summer while looking for new fishing spots. Here's the site: