Paranoia vs. Awareness

Paranoia vs. Awareness

This is a discussion on Paranoia vs. Awareness within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Background: My wife and I have a very nice apartment in a fairly safe, quiet area of town. A few months ago we got complacent ...

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Thread: Paranoia vs. Awareness

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    Paranoia vs. Awareness

    My wife and I have a very nice apartment in a fairly safe, quiet area of town. A few months ago we got complacent and left our 2nd story patio door unlocked when we went out for a quick errand and someone managed to climb up to our patio, into the apartment, and out with a few valuables that were easily replaced. It was a fairly harmless reminder to lock the door, but we also followed up with some home security and defense training to make us feel better.

    It was about 8 PM and we were watching TV when we heard loud banging coming from the area of our front door, which is on the ground floor. We retreated to our safe area and waited patiently with the phone and firearm ready. After about a minute there was no more noise, so we cautiously cleared the front door area and after determining there was no threat, went back about our business for the rest of the evening not knowing what the noise was. The next night around the same time we heard the same noise, but this time we were able to determine it was just the neighbor kicking the snow off their shoes before entering their apartment. Talk about over-reacting the night before! We had a really good laugh and now we joke about how much more "Aware" we are since we have been trained properly.

    What's my point:
    Have you guys(and gals) ever found yourself reacting to harmless situations in a humorous way due to your training? Please share your stories!
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    There had been a rain storm but it was over. The power & phone went out. The sky was clear now. Windows in the kitchen were open. I was talking to the wife. Out of the corner of my eye I see two about 30yo palukas in T shirts & jeans approaching my rural house. I yelled 'who are you & where do you think your going'? I was ready to run for the shotgun. They stopped in their tracks. They were from power co. My electrical junction box was hit by lightning & needed to be replaced. If I were trespassing for that reason, I would be wearing my reflective vest & hard hat. With the windows open, I would be announcing their presence. Hello PUD here to fix your power... My gate is locked at the road. They couldn't bring their truck in.

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