IRS raids Gunsmoke gun shop

IRS raids Gunsmoke gun shop

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Thread: IRS raids Gunsmoke gun shop

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    IRS raids Gunsmoke gun shop

    IRS raids Gunsmoke gun shop, store formerly featured in reality TV show 'American Guns' on Discovery

    WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - The former reality TV gun store in Wheat Ridge that was recently burglarized is now under investigation by federal authorities.

    IRS agents raided Gunsmoke Guns on Friday as part of an ongoing financial investigation, said Bryan Thiel, a spokesman for the IRS.

    The agents were on scene to execute a court-ordered search warrant, Thiel explained.

    Thiel did not disclose the nature of the financial investigation and said the United States District Attorney's office is handling the case.

    The gun shop was closed on Friday.

    The store and its owners were featured on "American Guns," a reality show which aired on the Discovery Channel. The show has since been canceled, and critics say it was part of the fallout from the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Conn.

    During a Feb. 27 burglary, thieves took 12 handguns and three rifles from the store. Investigators say the burglars had gotten in through a hole in the roof and had tripped a silent alarm around 4:12 a.m.

    Wheat Ridge police have not released a description of the thieves but did say they believe more than one person was involved.

    A silver two-door car was seen leaving the gun shop parking lot at the time of the burglary, Wheat Ridge police say.

    Gunsmoke Guns' website says the shop is one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world.

    The store is owned by Rich and Renee Wyatt. They buy, sell and trade guns from hand cannons to hunting rifles. Their website also says they can also build a gun from a block of metal.
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    "Gunsmoke Guns' website says the shop is one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world."

    And that, folks, is know in the marketing trade as "puffing." No more relevent thay claiming to "be the best." I hope the guns are better than the program was.
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    Fear the Gov that 'counts the ways' for your demise.

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    Yup, the show was all cheese..... That guys loud "HOW ABOUT THAT AH HUH" all the time was just ridiculous...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    "Gunsmoke Guns' website says the shop is one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world." [/I].
    Well I wouldn't want the IRS breathing down my neck for any reason or right after getting burgled for 15 guns. That's gotta be tough to swallow.

    I've been to several gun shops that would have been tough to beat for the armament they had in stock. There's a shop 30 miles from me that had 750 guns in stock 5 days ago. Unfortunately they'll only sell ammo to you if you buy a new gun. At that you can only get 100R.
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    Let's hope the irregulalty and burglary weren't an inside job to move inventory under the table.
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    Where is the ATF is all this?? And spare me the "they're too busy selling guns for Holder to Mexicans", if there really was a burglary taking what they claim then there are now at least a dozen stolen guns on the street that shouldn't be there.

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    No one answered the silent alarm at a gun shop?
    I seen the show. The IRS might be interested in why they need to deduct a helicopter as a business expense. If the gun shop is saying the thieves stole their paper work, I would find that interesting.

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    There used to be a LGS here in Indy back in the 70's whose owner said that whenever the alarm went off he would rush to the store in an attempt to beat the police. He felt that his losses tended to increase after they arrived.
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    Wasn't he a former LEO......?

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