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What is a Mall Ninja?

This is a discussion on What is a Mall Ninja? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am so glad that they are there to back up the Cops. Plus the mayor was glad when they saved his nephew from getting ...

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Thread: What is a Mall Ninja?

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    I am so glad that they are there to back up the Cops. Plus the mayor was glad when they saved his nephew from getting raped.

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    I actually ran a search on that dolts screen name and came up with pics of teens, just a Troll on the prowl.

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    Oh come on....Jack Bauer stopped some Eastern Block terrorists from using nerve gas in a mall.....Gecko is right! It is high risk!

    Gecko45 for Secretary of Defense (of U.S. Malls).
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    I forgot how funny that Mall Ninja thread was. Every time me and my buddy see the golf cart security guy, in our office parking lot, we joke about what he has hidden under the seat.

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    Good timing, I had a run in with a mall ninja today.

    We were working on some equipment for one of the anchor stores of a mall, when this guy comes swaggering over, in a security uniform with more equipment than any three LEOs carry hanging from his belt. (At least three handcuff cases, but no firearm, or tazer as far as I could tell.) I noticed him, but didn't pay a lot of attention until he started yelling at us to get our scaffold out of "his mall". We were 6" from the edge of the store. We told him politely, that we would be done, within 15 minutes, and would be happy to move our equipment at that time. LOL! The guy turned beet red and started screaming and telling us, that we "WILL" move it "now". LOL! We just went ahead and did it. I made sure that the store manager knew that the extra 30 minutes, with multiple employees, was due to us having to relocate our scaffold and other equipment even further into the store. I wonder how red he will turn when they take our overtime rates, x multiple men out of his check. :)
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    I had that "mall ninja" problem in kinder garden. The other kids were making FBI cards to trump at cops and robbers. When I made CIA and NSA cards they never knew what they were and said I was making it all up. Some people never grow out of it.
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