BAD and just terribly sad. 10 year old dies from BB gun shot.

BAD and just terribly sad. 10 year old dies from BB gun shot.

This is a discussion on BAD and just terribly sad. 10 year old dies from BB gun shot. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Florida boy, 10, dies after being shot with BB gun | Fox News Nuff said. My prayers for the family. Better adult supervision and some ...

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Thread: BAD and just terribly sad. 10 year old dies from BB gun shot.

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    BAD and just terribly sad. 10 year old dies from BB gun shot.

    Florida boy, 10, dies after being shot with BB gun | Fox News

    Nuff said. My prayers for the family. Better adult supervision and some safety training maybe?
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    Very sad, people do not realize just how much power modern airguns have. I posted a story here a year or more ago where a boy in the Raleigh area was killed with a pellet rifle.
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    Guns are guns and should be handled accordingly.

    Kids should be educated about them and it's never too early to start. Just last night my fiancée and I were discussing gun safety and her kids. They are 2, 10, and 14. We had previously gone over safety with the two older kids but last night we decided it was time to begin the process with the two year old. I took one of my pistols out of the safe and asked her if she knew what it was. She replied that it was a "shoot gun". I asked her if she was allowed to touch a gun and she didn't know. I told her she was not to touch a gun and to come and get her mother or me if she saw one. The lesson seemed to take and I put the pistol back in the safe.

    Further lessons to follow as time goes on.
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    It would seem the proper rules of safety had not been ingrained before unsupervised use.
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    IMHO pumped it several times and pointed it at his brother isn't "Accidental" 13 years old puts him in the 7th grade range,old enough to realize the consequences of his actions.
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    How sad. For years the BB gun has been the starter gun and in most cases, good gun safety was not taught before letting junior go out to shoot. My first BB gun was a daisy pump and I could shoot through a tin can if I oiled the BBs and pumped the gun about ten times. My dad never taught me gun safety till I was ready for the .410/.22 over and under for squirrel and rabbit hunting. It wasn't thought to be necessary. BBs couldn't kill you.
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    My old Red Ryder style could barely kill a Robin at 350 fps. Anything bigger was just wounded. As Common said, it was not considered an unsafe gun at the time, 55 years ago. We were told not to point it at anyone. Never took it seriously. We would even have bb gun wars with the stip of no head shots. We learned the hard way.

    Now, with 500 fps and even 1000 fps +, it is beyond the kid stuff and needs real training and supervision. These bb and pellet guns are every bit as deadly at close range as a rimfire.
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    I owned that particular gun when I was younger. It is an air rifle that also accepts pellets and shoots BB's at 750 fps. At close range, that is more lethal than a single 1550 fps 12 gauge BB pellet at a normal distance. Because a 1550 fps BB from a shotgun will be roughly 600fps on impact.

    That's more than twice the velocity of a spring based carbine lever action BB gun. I can't imagine doing that when I was 13. I knew what kind of damage that gun would do just from shooting targets. Not to mention what it would do to squirrels.


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    This is a local story for me and I've been following it since it happened. It's terribly sad and my heart broke when he passed, he'd been in critical condition for days.

    Apparently both boys were shooting puffs of air at each other in between shooting bb's at targets. Mom was cooking dinner inside. Charges are being considered for the boy, mom and mom's boyfriend.

    I think there's a large mindset that bb's are overall harmless. Obviously that's not the case. My thoughts and prayers are with those that knew the boy. Personally I hope charges aren't brought against the 13 yr old. My understanding is there was no malicious intent - young and stupid prevailed.

    Our BB guns carry the same rules in my house as the "real" ones. The kids have no access and they are only allowed to use them under direct supervision of an adult.
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