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This is a discussion on Pickup advice within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'd do a search on your fav trucks if you worry about timing belts/chains. Some trucks do have a belt versus a chain. There IS ...

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Thread: Pickup advice

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    I'd do a search on your fav trucks if you worry about timing belts/chains. Some trucks do have a belt versus a chain.
    There IS a difference in life expectancy and maintenance costs of each.
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    I had a Nissan Frontier, which I chose over the Toyota because I felt the Nissan was just as good of a truck for less money. I was not disappointed.

    Toyota- good trucks, but they make you pay for it.

    Chevy- Your instincts are not wrong.

    Dodge- Have always had problems.

    Mazda- Used to be a mostly Mazda product but now they are just re-badged Fords.

    Ford- Have almost as many problems as the Dodges.

    Mitsubishi- Re-badged Dodge

    Isuzu- Re-badged Chevy

    Hope that helps. Oh yeah, the Nissan 4-cylinders are a bit weak on hp, but I think they may have added some power in the past couple years.
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    Well my experience with trucks has been:

    3 Gm's and they were all problems

    2 fords no problems whatsoever

    4 Nissan's no problems whatsoever

    1 Dodge that drank oil

    I like nissan's a lot but they just don't fit me as good as the fords or gm's (on the big side and the nissans seem to be made for smaller people). I will not own another gm of any kind though. We also had 2 gm cars that were junk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    - automatic
    But the only reason that anyone would want an automatic transmission is to make it easier on them to run over children. It serves no real purpose other than to increase the deadliness of the vehicle.

    Besides, a good 5-speed is a great anti-theft (and anti-loser-who-always-wants-to-borrow-a-vehicle) device.

    Just had to throw in something to relate it to 2A issues anyway :)

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    With your requirements the Toyota and Nissan are your only two strong options, imo. I would opt for the Nissan over the Toyota, simply because there seems to be a price premium for Toyota's anymore.

    I am going to make a suggestion, and it's just that; I've noticed how incredibly short the beds are with these crew cab mid sized trucks. Me, personally, I would buy a SUV, and pull a trailer. My logic behind that is you are going to need a trailer for any reasonable decent sized load even if you do have the truck. By buying the SUV you will have more usable interior space, and still have the towing capacity.

    I am just basing my opinion on how I would see myself using the particular vehicle... Just something to keep in mind. :)
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    A friend of mine has the Honda Ridgeline and loves it.
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    I owned a 1998 Dodge dakota that I loved and wish I still had. I got talked into selling it and obviously regret it. It had ~130,000 miles on it and had only one issue, that was covered under warranty (the aforementioned ball-joint) I now have a Toyota Tundra that I really like. I personally feel the Nissans are a little chinsy. Thin light doors and the like, but I have actually never driven one. I did drive a Tacoma and it drove great, I ended up with the Tundra due to better incentives and I liked the full size better. I would personally pay a little extra for the Toyota as I think they are better made. I believe Consumer Reports rates the Toyotas top notch, not sure on the Nissans. Might be worth a little research. Good luck.

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    Based on you criteria a Ford explorer sport trac would be my suggestion. As others have said. I have 3 fords 2 tauruses and an f-150 pickup. And Im happy with all of them. My older taurus a 96 model is pushing 250,000 miles and still running great with regular maitanece and normal wear items such as tires and brakes Ive only had trouble with a sensor. I just keep up with the regular oil changes and such and there doin good. Good luck with your choice.


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    I'd suggest the Sport Trac or F-150 CrewCab depending on whether your needs are more car-like with a pickup bed, or more truck-like with 4 doors.

    Whatever you buy I'd go with a 4-door. That back seat is so useful, esp if you plan to have little ones.
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