I only worked a half day today because I'm on call this week, and that means I work half of tomorrow. In addition to working almost every evening when I get home. Not my favorite week, a lot of extra hours for nothing in return really. So I decided this morning that I'd hit the range to put some rounds through the new Kimber to test it, break it in a little and mostly just blow off some steam. I arrived at the range with one of my very few boxes of .45 FMJ and they had quite a bit in stock for not too expensive, but would only let me buy one. I'd put about two mags through when three guys showed up in the lane next to me.

In the lane to my left was a guy shooting an M&P, but in .22. Not sure what the deal was, but he couldn't get that thing to cycle for crap. At one point it didn't cycle correctly and he started digging around in it with a key. I made sure the bullet-resistant glass was solidly between us. Then there was his accuracy. He was shooting groups a little larger than mine, but at only about 15 feet, while sitting in a chair and using the shooting bench to steady his aim. I probably sound like a jerk, but that's one guy I would not want with me when the zombies come!

The three guys on my right though, they were an interesting bunch. One shooter who didn't say much, one who knew everything and one who seemed to be a newbie. I had my Howard Leight Impact Sports on with the little microphones built in, so I caught snippets of their conversation. I heard a little about how "This gun is great." "This gun is terrible." and "I'll *NEVER* own a gun with an external safety." He was pretty serious about that.

Well I'd been shooting at a pretty measured pace. It's only the second time I've shot the gun so I'm taking it slow and figuring it out. Doing pretty well though. Target had 5 bullseyes on it, one in the center and one towards each corner, about 6 inches high and 4 wide. I've been pretty well keeping them inside those at about 25 feet. Know-it-all beside me runs out one of those anatomy targets, with the organs outlined. He's shooting a 9mm that I didn't recognize. He starts shooting and pulls low and left for the most part, with a group about a foot and a half high and a foot wide. While he was instructing his buddy I thought about saying something once or twice, but he never "taught" him anything egregious, just not the way I would have taught a new shooter.

I thought I was doing pretty well, so I decided to run my target out another 10-12 feet and keep going. I start shooting slower and aiming more consciously, and I keep about the same groupings I had before. That's when I hear Mr. Know-it-all again, but this time: "Geez, it's not a [insert expletive] marksmanship contest." He was alone in his lane at that point, so I know he wasn't talking to his buddies, and he said it pretty quiet but the mics in my hearing protection amplify speech pretty good. I'm pretty sure he was muttering about me. Maybe not, but it made me feel pretty good so I went with it.

Finished out the trip with a couple up-close sets. Target about 12-15 feet out, 5 rounds in each mag. Dump the mag, reload, do it a second time. Kept about 75% in the target, a few a couple inches outside and a couple fliers. All would have at least clipped a BG, I think. All in all a pretty satisfying trip to the range. Another 100 through the new Kimber without a hitch, I like that I can shoot it WAY better than I could my M&P .40c, blew off some steam and finally, I'll take a compliment from a lane over, even if he didn't mean it that way.