High School Memories

High School Memories

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Thread: High School Memories

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    High School Memories

    I live spitting distance from a high school, and on the road by it was a piece of neon poster board attached to a street sign. It contained one word in big black marker. And then I passed another one, and another. The message was:

    (girl's name)

    I give the poor lad points for initiative and creativity, but I feel sorry for the girl and all her friends who have most certainly texted and posted it on FB and Twitter to the entire known universe.

    Which reminds me of my prom. My boyfriend was the biggest guy in the whole school, every dad's nightmare with the big black leather jacket and matching boots. The geeky top ten Honor student paired up with the big goon. Great matchmaking.

    I saved my corsage, even preserved it with silica gel. Because, you know, I was totally going to marry this guy and I was totally going to have his babies, and we were totally going to live happily ever after.

    And then of all the gall, he left me for that freak of a girl with black lipstick! How could he!

    My heart broken, I took my corsage out of its plastic box, tossed it in the middle of the driveway, and lit it with a match. Teenage girl revenge will. be. had!

    It wouldn't light. The thing was so well mummified, it just wouldn't. light.

    Not to be easily defeated, and being the daughter of a man who Owns and Operates a Hardware Store and has every tool known to man, I went to the garage and found the Bernz-o-Matic propane torch.

    Oh yeah. The sound of a spark lighter grating is immensely satisfying...

    I think it took a whole 10 minutes to reduce that corsage to ashes, but it was done.

    I only saw him once after that, on the road shortly after I got my driver's license. I was driving home from school in mom's 1971 Jaguar XJ6 (yeah!) when I passed by him in his beater van. I gave him the one finger salute and hit the gas.

    I still have a picture somewhere of me and my Husband That Never Was in our prom attire. Sometimes I wonder what happened to him, whether he's straightened himself out or he's in prison.

    I don't miss high school.

    Do share your favorite (or not-so-favorite) high school memories!
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    I didn't attend my high school prom because I was too busy drinking and racing my GTO. I didn't attend the prom with my HS sweetheart and senior-still wife because my butt was away in the military!

    Proms and I don't have a very good history. But I still have the same wife, and I guess that's more important.
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    Wow this thread has been up for close to 12H and I'm the 3rd to post in it.

    I didn't go to my Senior Prom. TBT I went on just 1 date in 3 years of high school. She was in my Folk Guitar class. Her name was Dana and she was so so cute. She was very quiet and reserved. So not like me. Tho no stranger to words and the ability to yak at the speed of light I found myself tongue tied when I was around her. I think about her from time to time. But then in reflection I often think of the other women I've known in my life.

    Nineteen years ago I lost the best woman I ever knew. She was a Redneck Girl. Daughter of a Logger. Raised in the Country. Her truck was bigger than mine!! Her truck's name was Otis...Otis the F250, Camper Special. She was a cancer survivor. She was an RN and a Vietnam Vet. She was all of 5 foot, maybe 5' 1" and 90 pounds soaking wet. Boy Howdy she could cook up a storm!!!

    The first time I met her I will never forget it. She opened the door and she was this tiny lil thing. Wearing a flannel night gown that started at her throat and ended sweeping the floor. I thought she was gorgeous.

    She was sick and had a fever. She didn't recognise me from my letters or our phone calls. She lit into me with both barrels. Ripped me a new one. I tried to explain. She would have none of it. I left. A 60+minute drive to her place turned into a 2 hour drive home. Unbeknownst to me her next door neighbor and girlfriend had had her door open while I was at Patti's front door. She'd heard Patti run me thru the band saw and spit me out. She gave Patti what for for ragging on me. Telling Patti I was a cute guy and was driving a nice pretty new Red truck.She told Patti she oughta be ashamed of herself for treating me the way she had.

    About a week later Patti was all better so we had our first date. We went to a small park near her place. I got a fire going in one of those BBQ grills that stands on a pedestal about 3' off the deck. We just talked and cooked up something I'd brought tho I can't for the life of me remember what I'd brought food wise. We drank Pepsi cuz I'd brought a ton of pop in my ice chest. It was a great first date. This was around Spring of 1994.

    Some are born to greatness and eventually to the partner of their dreams like we saw when we all watched The Waltons or Little House On The Praire a hundred years ago.
    I came into the world alone and admitted to myself years ago I'm meant to go out the same way. It bums me out sometimes. On the other hand I have a million good memories to counteract the bad ones and a zillion killer stories like this one along with the other stories I've already posted here.

    It could be worse. But it ain't.

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