Monkeys are Democrats??

Monkeys are Democrats??

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Thread: Monkeys are Democrats??

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    Monkeys are Democrats??

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    Ibtl.... Bye !

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    The whole 'roots of ethical instincts' in primates is really, really interesting. There're many psychological tests to determine where we implicitly place our 'fairness' metrics. Then, we can do similar tests on monkeys (or chimps) and we find that quite a few of them overlap.

    Animal psychology is one of my favorite subjects. There's a ton of fascinating research, and many, many of the findings can be interposed on evolutionary and/or economic models.

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    I dunno... if I was working in a factory, on an assembly line for instance and the guy next to me was hired the same day, had the same experience, doing the identical work and was making 50% more than me, I'd be kind of pissed too and likely to throw slices of cucumber at my boss. Glad to know the OP wouldn't be and is a better man than me apparently.
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    I dunno... guess I missed the boat on that one. Not being an egghead I just laughed my keester off. I loved the 1st monkeys reaction+the 2nd monkey just ignored #1 and simply marched on.

    As much as is practical I distance myself from dem monkey democrats.
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