Memorial Weekend - Anyone doing something involved with guns?

Memorial Weekend - Anyone doing something involved with guns?

This is a discussion on Memorial Weekend - Anyone doing something involved with guns? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Other than Carrying and BBQ, I have nothing really special planned. To all who served a big thanks. To all who served, but are no ...

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Thread: Memorial Weekend - Anyone doing something involved with guns?

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    Memorial Weekend - Anyone doing something involved with guns?

    Other than Carrying and BBQ, I have nothing really special planned.
    To all who served a big thanks. To all who served, but are no longer with us. I appreciate your sacrifice. America stands on your shoulders.

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    I might be working all weekend. Ugh. OT would be nice, though!
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    Protecting My Family
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    Haven't decide whether to go shoot or go sell at the flea market. One's more fun for sure.
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    Not really gun related but I would love to make a trip down to Florida and place flowers and a flag on my father’s grave.

    When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
    "Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way."

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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Well, time to clean them. Time to rotate the active Mags (relax the springs - streach them out). Other than an unwanted guest coming through the front door (Bang! So Sorry!), no.

    Oh, and as far as Veterans Affairs, will be doing flags at grave sites.
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    I have two brother-in-laws buried at Arlington and a couple of times we've gone down there.
    If we don't go there we'll probably just hang around, throw a couple of burgers on the Q and put our feet up.

    Our Gun Shop is having a cookout for all their customers and a sale on guns and ammo (5%, but it's still something). So that's a possibility too.
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    My wife wants to go to Cave Run to visit her folks and help her Mom decorate graves. The problem is she decorates all of them and she has a very large family. Driving around in a van full of flowers to six or seven cemeteries. An all day adventure. I suggested an large air drop and was told I was being disrespectful...

    On the plus side I can shoot on their property so maybe a little target practice.
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    Some yardwork, get the pool ready, relaxing and hopefully get a chance to go shooting with my sons

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    homework, with my gun iwb.

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    Purchased a new Rossi 92 levergun 16 inch carbine in .357magnum. I will be going to the range this Saturday with a 100 round box of 38 special +P ammo to help break it in !!! God Bless

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    Place flags, participate in a parade, belt out the National Anthem, render honors at the wreath-laying, and then hang out to shake heroes' hands and hear war stories. We'll see if I end up with a rifle or a flag - usually those go to the guys just young and spry enough not to need a ride in a car, though. I'm happy to march behind them empty-handed and see how the old guys straighten up and move out, even though I know it hurts some of them like hell. I don't expect more than one or two WWII vets this year :(

    Smalltown New England does Memorial Day (and the other holidays) right.

    No way in hell I'm going to a sale.

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    I'll be involved in the parade and memorials on Monday. (fire department)

    Weather permitting I plan on blasting some clay pigeons with my 870.
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    Not gun related, but I will be visiting cemeteries and placing flags on the graves of my friends who didn't make it. Class of '67 - '68. A time for reflecting.
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    Thinking of calling my son-in-law who just purchased a SW M&P AR-22. I purchased 750 rounds of .22LR for him a few days ago.

    Hoping we can to take my two oldest grandsons 8 and 11 and do some budget conscious shooting at the range. I'll bring my Mosquito and some CCI MiniMags as well.
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