Another Notch in the PC Police Belt

Another Notch in the PC Police Belt

This is a discussion on Another Notch in the PC Police Belt within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am a pipe smoker, and have for years ordered pies, accessories and tobacco from Boswell's Pipes in Pennsylvania. A family run business, three generations ...

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Thread: Another Notch in the PC Police Belt

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    Another Notch in the PC Police Belt

    I am a pipe smoker, and have for years ordered pies, accessories and tobacco from Boswell's Pipes in Pennsylvania. A family run business, three generations work there. A really great shop near Gettysburg. Their custom made pipes are well known and their service is top notch. So today I call to order some of their house tobaccos (they always have my credit card info on file, just a one minute call) only to be told that their credit card processing company no longer will allow anything but face to face transactions because they sell tobacco products. Their only choice is to use an offshore processor (waaay too expensive) or have to deal in checks, money orders or ACH debit transactions. I have dealt with them for years so I printed out the ACH form from their site and emailed it to them for their file and I am good to go, but this stuff is nuts. I know this is also happening to firearms dealers

    This is how the Anti 2A folks are going to work-pressure a behind the scenes middleman with little fanfare into throttling the commerce of firearm sales.

    This has undoubtedly impacted the Boswell business. A real shame. This crap really ticks me off...
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    Me too. There's always an avenue for them to attack. Ammo and tobacco - buy both in bulk!

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    I had heard of this happening to a couple of different card processors regarding firearms but this is the first I have heard of it for tobacco related stuff. "They" aren't going to stop any time soon.

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    But it’s all “For the children”, or “common sense” restrictions.
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    We are losing our country, one stupid trick at a time.
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    Credit card processor = bank = big bank = too big to fail, jail, or regulate.= you (and I) will bail them out AGAIN when the derivative, and stock mess catch up with them again.

    They're probably loaning money to Syria and Iran, too, legally or illegally, and oh never mind...

    Stick THAT in your pipe, and smoke it!

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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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