But I Thought Uncle Joe Said to Do This?

But I Thought Uncle Joe Said to Do This?

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Thread: But I Thought Uncle Joe Said to Do This?

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    But I Thought Uncle Joe Said to Do This?

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    The folly of a warning shot, followed by the folly of not keeping one's mouth shut before the arrival of one's lawyer.
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    Warning shots should only be used when there are multiple perps. The second perp is warned when the first perp is shot.

    The foregoing assumes that the perps are in a place and performing such acts as to justify the shooter's actions.
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    There was a time before this nation became so encumbered with conflicting laws and litigation, that warning shots once made sense (sometimes).

    Now you are either justified in shooting the perp, or you are not justified in shooting at all. Dumb but fact.
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    Oh well. He should have known the law.

    What a cute reporter though. If I weren't old, fat and married....oh never mind.
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    I see what he did wrong, he didn't shoot it into the air.

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