United States Patent 4239233

United States Patent 4239233

This is a discussion on United States Patent 4239233 within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; In a search to find a certain training device which allows a observer to fire a weapon that is being handled by the trainee (haven't ...

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Thread: United States Patent 4239233

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    United States Patent 4239233

    In a search to find a certain training device which allows a observer to fire a weapon that is being handled by the trainee (haven't found it yet but I'm still looking), I stumbled across this little gem.

    Firearm training device
    United States Patent 4239233
    A firearm training device comprises a combat target mounted at one end of a frame, an adjustabe inclined slide and a slingshot mechanism mounted within the frame. When the device is activated, a heavy ball is rolled down the slide. If the user hits the target with wax bullets before the ball reaches the end of the slide, it releases a trigger mechanism which blocks the further progress of the ball down the slide. If the ball reaches the bottom of the slide, prior to the bullet striking the target, the ball activates a trigger mechanism which releases the slingshot mechanism propelling a projectile such as a rubber ball at the trainee with sufficient force to effectively punish him. The device thus gives added impetus to the trainee's efforts to fire quickly and accurately.
    I don't believe negative reinforcement is effective in firearms training, but this is pretty funny.
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    ''Impetus'' - haha - nice choice of word LOL!

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    I don't believe negative reinforcement is effective in firearms training, but this is pretty funny.
    I guess its the next best step from Force on Force training.

    One things is a fact, when someone(or in this case something) is shooting back at you, it tends to make you react differently and it completely changes your tactics.

    Standing in front of a paper target only proves that you can hit a target that is standing still. In NO way does it simulate actual shooting situations.

    I think the system is just trying to simulate a little stress when shooting, and thats not a bad thing.Although it may be a little primitive, anything that helps one stay alive in a shoot has got to be worth something.
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    I don't think its a replacement for soap rounds. FoF is the ultimate training tool that I think every department should routinely train with.

    HotGuns is precisely right. Shooting a paper target proves only that you have good control. Shooting while attempting to get to cover or from behind the cover available in your living room changes things dramatically.
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    Y'all should check out the actual patent (you can see all patents here, most with illustrations).

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