Why I Don't Purse Carry

Why I Don't Purse Carry

This is a discussion on Why I Don't Purse Carry within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I wasn't really sure if I could get away with posting this "In the News" since from a defensive standpoint there's not much to say, ...

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Thread: Why I Don't Purse Carry

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    Why I Don't Purse Carry

    I wasn't really sure if I could get away with posting this "In the News" since from a defensive standpoint there's not much to say, carrying with the strap across the body wouldn't have made a difference since the strap broke. Besides that it comes down to situational awareness as well. So I figured "Off Topic" was appropriate...

    I have a good friend who's a deputy here, this happened to one of her friends, also a deputy in the sheriff's office.

    She was off duty and carrying her credentials, badge and firearm in her purse. Bad guy comes, purse snatches - she struggled with him, the strap broke and he made off with her purse. They've since caught him, but last I knew still hadn't recovered her credentials, badge or firearm. The linked story says it was her duty weapon, but I know for a fact they issue Glocks here so it was must have been her personal weapon she was carrying.

    Dressing around a gun can be a pain, but this is exactly why purse carry makes me uneasy. I do believe most of the time women are targeted in parking lots is for the quick purse snatch. You very well may not have time to draw and the bad guy gets not only your money & ID but your gun.

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    This is the reason I've urged my wife not to purse carry if/when she gets a permit. I'll share this with her.
    ”One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.”
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    I feel the same way about this topic. In the blink of an eye your purse can be moving pretty quickly in a stranger's hands. However, my biggest concern is the ease of access. If a woman can reach in her purse, pull out a gun, and be ready to fire in 2 seconds, more power to her. But most women I know take about 2 minutes just to dig and find their wallet. Too much room for a gun to change position. Always carry on your person if you can.
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    One of a few reasons why I urged my mother and sister not to purse carry. My sister hardly carries but my mom takes it almost everywhere she goes and dresses around the gun instead of purse carry.
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    Good information! I feel badly for her, I hope she gets her gun and wallet back.
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