from VA-Alert
> ************************************************** ***
> 10. The Cat in the Holster (CAUTION: LAUGH ALERT!)
> ************************************************** ***
> This is Board member Dennis O'Connor's response to anyone who says,
> "You don't need to carry a gun in a library" (or mall, or police
> station, or whatever). He spent all of five whole minutes writing
> this!
> The Cat in the Holster (with our sincerest apologies to Dr. Seuss):
> I pack when I eat
> And I pack when I sleep
> I pack when I groom
> And when washing my feet.
> My gun is with me
> Both day and night
> For defending my life
> In both darkness and light.
> I pack when I'm happy
> Or angry or sad.
> When elated or miserable,
> Dumbfounded or glad.
> I pack when I talk,
> Protest or debate,
> And in neighborly chats
> O'er the fence's grate.
> With people I love
> And with people I hate.
> I'm never disarmed wherever I go
> I'll carry my gun and go with the flow
> some say some places merit self imposed bans
> but I'm too old and fat to defend with my hands.
> To those who object I give not a care
> 'tis my life at stake, so I'm always prepared,
> And though I look funny I'm not really that weird.