After hearing for years of the raw deal Canadians got with their bogus gun laws I just saw this video not 15M ago on YouTube. This guy starts off by faking us out saying he's gonna buy a new MBR at a gas station in Kentucky.

So he and his pal (the cameraman) walk inside gas station that's fairly huge and stocked floor to ceiling with stuff with a fully stocked gun counter where he was planning on picking up a new Israeli Bullpup MBR. This cat shows his ID, pays and leaves WITH THE RIFLE.

Called the Asara or sumpin like that this Israeli PDW is awesome!! As it's a Bullpup pressing a switch located right behind mag well, after inserting fresh 30R mag pressing switch engages bolt carrier racking a fresh round and you're ready to rock.

Before leaving this character made a rather snarky comment concerning the difficulty we yanks have finding ammo. The camera then shows the ammo aisle which I'd guestimate at 32-33 feet long with ammo from the floor in cases up both sides on shelves 6 to 6 1/2 feet high. These shelves were crowded with ammo. Shelves packed with such volumes of rounds it made me giddy

This weapon as I've said is down right awesome!!! It kinda reminded me of a Steyr-Aug
Black finish, excellent ergonomics, picatinny rails galore, decent iron sights, flash hider and looks to be 24-26" OAL.

Wouldn't surprise me a bit if Perkins Gun Shop has Pigs in a Blanket too