Can't let a burglar interfer with going to work

Can't let a burglar interfer with going to work

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Thread: Can't let a burglar interfer with going to work

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    Can't let a burglar interfer with going to work

    Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse or Rapture....whichever comes first.

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    Takin' care of need to let it ruin your day.
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    Boss: "Bob, you're 10 minutes late."
    Bob: "Yeah, somebody tried to break into the house this morning and I had to subdue him and tie him up. Left him in the front yard for the cops."
    Boss: "Riiiight. Just don't let it happen again, okay?"
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    That's perty cotton pickin' funny I don't care who you are!!! I've heard the phrase bums rush countless times in my life but I'll have to be truthful when I say I don't really know the meaning of that phrase?? I'd be tickled if anyone like ANG or OldVet or LionRound or msgt/ret might explain it to me in a PM where I'd be sure to see it in a timely manner.

    As Jackson above so eloquently put it... just takin' care a bidness.....

    One can only hope MrCole, burglar UN-extrordinaire enjoyed his 5M of fame getting his mug plastered on YouTube. I think it would be fitting given his line of work if in the future MrCole were to get unceremoniously bumrushed semi frequently as a gesture on the part of law abiding citizens everywhere that his line of work is NOT looked upon favorably.

    Just one old Redneck's opinion. I hope this last bit will pass Moderator scrutiny.

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    we need a "sigh" smiley.
    “Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.” Winston Churchill

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    Funny and great all in one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by From the article
    Cole now faces one charge of first degree burglary. He is being held at the Tulsa County jail on a $32,079 bond.
    Hm. $32,079 for the bond. I'm wondering what the $79 is for ... the rope?

    "Bum-rushed" the BG, eh? No short, no shoes, no service. The BG shoulda read the sign out front. He'll get a little bit of time to reflect upon his stupidity. Of course, "little bit" is the operative phrase, there. Soon, he'll likely be back on the street. And he knows where that house is, and that it contains a couple of folks who bested him, embarrassed him. Watch yer 'six.'
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