Do you read the news paper

Do you read the news paper

This is a discussion on Do you read the news paper within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; More and more daily news papers are going to only a few times a week, to once a week, to online only. I asked a ...

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Thread: Do you read the news paper

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    Do you read the news paper

    More and more daily news papers are going to only a few times a week, to once a week, to online only. I asked a group of friends the other day if any of them still buy an actual paper news paper since I needed them to use as a weed barrier for a garden. Much to my surprise, I can't find anyone who actually reads an actual 'paper' news paper.

    Do you read a news paper? How to you get your news?

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    Our dominate news paper (the only daily) is a liberal rag owned by Gannett News. I wouldn't give them a dime for anything. I do however read it for free on occasion since we get it at work and usually have extra copies. I like the Wall Street Journal much better, which we also get at work.
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    I read our local paper for local news and a column where people write in and gripe about the dumbest things. That's the most entertaining section.

    For real news I use the internet and TV.
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    My wife still gets the local Gannett newspaper. She likes it for the local advertisements and the marriage, divorce, death, crime statistics. I quit reading it because there is nothing in it that interests me that I haven't read online a day or two earlier. I grew up reading the newspaper cover to cover. I really miss a real newspaper. The current Gannett version is just worthless fluff.
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    The largest paper in the state of Wisconsin is basically a "dishonest purveyor" of information. They love to ignore significant pieces of a story or ignore the story all together, so you would be more informed if you do not read the paper here. Our local TV stations are as bad or worse. In fact, 2 of the 4 have been caught up in false stories, one false reported a threat against a public official despite the police already had determined it was not a threat, but that inconvenient fact had to be ignored to go with the hit piece, the other smeared a local cop, implying he ripped someone off at an ATM, despite the internal investigation proved the cop was helping a drunk citizen settle a damage claim.

    I get my news online and from the radio stations that are trustworthy.

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    The only time I even pick up a newspaper is when I'm waiting in the Dr's office and there aren't any matchbook covers available to read.
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    I look at the paper we get free at work occasionally for local news. National or international news TV or internet. If the spin is in I'll look at opposing sources such as FOX and MSN to see where they overlap.

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    I stopped getting a newspaper about twenty years ago. There is really nothing of any worth in them and I'd have to get rid of the darned things on my own dime. I get any news, sports info off the internet and it's much easier to get rid of.

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    I had the local paper thrown to my door for over 10 years. Then they went out of business and are now online only. My choices are pay to read online or subscribe to the Cincinnati paper. I do neither and use TV, and the internet for my news. Very sad state of affairs for this country.

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    I enjoy holding actual paper in my hands on the weekends, so I get weekend delivery only.

    For daily, I go online. They've wised up and started charging for the online subscription. Given that my business is local real estate, it's part of the job for me to stay on top of local news.
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    I still get the Washington Post and enjoy reading an actual newspaper.

    Yes, it's a liberal rag but I am smart enough not to believe everything I read.

    Their sports columnists are top notch. Thomas Boswell rocks. Both Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon (ESPN - PTI) are former Post sports columnists.

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    The local paper where I live is owned and operated by a liberal. Single issues cost 75 cents. That's about 70 cents more than it's worth but that's just my opinion.

    When I was little my Dad read the front page first and the Editorials and Letters to The Editor next. Over the years he wrote a few letters to the editor but about what I don't know. He read the paper everyday pretty much all of it.

    It's pretty rare that I'll buy a paper. Usually if there's a major news item I care about or something that's major local news with a picture I'll pick it up. I'll usually save it to the stack of prior issues I have (going back 20+years). Like my Dad I read the front page first. I like reading the editorial page to see what the locals hereabouts are thinking. I've written 2 or 3 letters myself and at least 2 were printed.

    I've got one of my letters right in front of me dated November 30, 1995. It was probably about Initiative 676 which was soundly defeated by a margin of 75% against. I had a hand in that working for our side. The local rag was in favor of I-676 and I turned it around on them as well as other folks in the area. Every time I re read it I get a good chuckle.

    I read it for local news now and then. The Police Blotter is my next favorite after letters to the editor. Over the years I've seen the names of friends or acquiantances and the shenanigans they were caught for. Maybe half the time I read it online. They've got some kind of gizmo built into the online portion. If you're not an online subscriber you can only read it 3 times in a 30 day period.

    Sometimes I read the ads if I'm looking to buy a specific item and am hoping I can get it for a better deal than usual. Most of the time it's been my experience when I'm out of something it will be the regular price and not a deal. Since I hate paying the regular price I shop at just one grocery store, the Grocery Outlet. They're a pretty big outfit on the west coast with stores in Idaho and Montana too. Their prices are way lower than say Safeway or Haggen's. I flat out won't buy ANYTHING at Haggen's. Rant over.

    Every week I get shopping ads in my mailbox. With the ads is 6-10 pages of the real small weekly paper hereabouts. Sometimes I read it. I think those owners are the same as the big daily in my town. Most of what they print as news has such a liberal slant as to be unbelievable.

    Mostly I get my news online. Alex Jones, Glen Beck and others I don't recall right now. Of the newspapers I've read over the years those that I think highly of for honest and fair reports are The Idaho Observer, The Oregon Observer, The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Don McAlvany Report and Backwoods Home magazine. BHM is a great publication with wonderful people writing for them. They have an online presence and EVERYONE HERE should check them out. I met the man who started it years ago. His name is Dave Duffy. It only comes out every 2 months so you're way better off to subscribe. That way you'll never miss an issue.

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