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The Lone Ranger

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Thread: The Lone Ranger

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    The Lone Ranger

    I might see a movie or two per year, and we happened to go last night (5 pm show). Small town and all, but there were only about 4 other people in the theatre aside from us. I had skimmed some news articles about it and they were not complimentary at all. I quit believing these "professional" writers a long time ago, and I put more trust into the opinion of my friends. I had two friends tell me to "go see it". So we did, my friends were right. We really enjoyed it, and I'd recommend seeing it. It has great effects, drama, sort of zany, and a lot to laugh about, it is a bit long (2 1/2 hrs.)

    Tonto "made" the show. BTW, I don't know where Disney or any of these actors stand on guns, I could probably guess, despite that, I saw it and that's the way it goes.

    Who has seen it and what did you think?
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    I saw it, enjoyed it, but to me it was very much Captain Jack Sparrow in a loincloth. Riding the horse atop the train was a bit too much Hollywood for me though.
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    My wife and I saw it last weekend and same thing, we ignored the professional critics and went to it knowing it wasn't supposed to be a serious "film". We enjoyed it, it was a bit of a parody with satire, a humorous twist to an old TV show with Johnny Depp pretty much being Jack Sparrow dressed up as an indian. If you go to it expecting to be entertained and getting a few chuckles, you'll enjoy it. If you go to it to dissect every scene and every line, you'll leave unhappy. We went to a Sunday matinee and the theater was almost full... with very few attendees under the age of 40.

    Disney didn't quite hit the mark with making it appealing to all audiences, it seemed to only strike the fancy of the baby boomer generation that are familiar with the Lone Ranger.
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    My wife and I had kind of written it off due to the poor reviews and box office numbers. But, maybe we'll give it a shot. On they have the "Fans say" and "Critics say" ratings and I'm usually closer to agreement with what the fans say as opposed to the critics. For The Lone Ranger, Fans say "Go" and critics say "No". I guess we should have gone with that and seen it already.
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    Saw it with my wife the day it was released...........we both liked it a lot.

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    Ever heard of Rotten Tomatoes? Some of the best movies have some of the worst ratings.
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