Clint Eastwood movie question

Clint Eastwood movie question

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Thread: Clint Eastwood movie question

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    Clint Eastwood movie question

    Scene in Escape from Alcatraz where the inmate nice old guy called "Doc" took a hatchet & cut off some of his fingers because the warden took away his painting privileges - any truth in that?
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    Rufe’s paranoia, while in Alcatraz, was also due the strict silence enforced there by Warden Johnston; the silence rule was resented by many other inmates also. As a result, some nine months later (after his request for transfer to McNeil Island was rejected) during the course of duties when he was working in the garage area to sweep and clean trash he took out an axe from a fire truck parked in the building and cut off four fingers of the left hand to seek attention and get transferred to the medical center in Springfield, Missouri on grounds of insanity. The guard and another inmate took away the hatchet from Rufes and put a tourniquet on his wrist to stop the bleeding. He was said to have grinned maniacally as he sliced his four fingers off. Persful was taken to the prison hospital, where he had to be forcibly restrained as the staff treated him, as he had a desire to cut off his other hand and his feet.[2][3][4] However the sequence of this incident is disputed as it is also mentioned that Persful's fingers were cut off due to his hand getting jammed while closing the workshop door.[5]

    In the 1979, Don Siegel-Clint Eastwood film Escape from Alcatraz, Persful's hand mutilation was enacted in the movie. This scene is disputed due to the fact that the lead up to the June 1962 escape from Alcatraz actually took place nearly 15 years later, and neither Frank Morris or Clarence and John Anglin were imprisoned at Alcatraz when the Persful incident occurred. Following this incident a policy change (one of the very few made during the history of the prison) in the prison rules of Alcatraz regarding silence was made for the good.[2][4] As the incident received publicity in the news media, James V. Bennett, the then Director of the Bureau of Prisons, clarified that the incident was of mental derangement of Rufes.[6]

    In the months following the mutilation incident, Persful's mental health continued to decline; he would frequently complain of there being an alligator living in his cell and he attempted to make nooses out of bed linen and towels to hang himself. He was assessed by the prison psychiatrist to be suffering from Dementia praecox, hebephrenic type and in January 1938 he was sent to Springfield Medical Centre via Fort Leavenworth.[2] He was also called the most “wanton killer” as his killings covered six men, his wife and child and probably many more. It is also conjectured that he killed three men purposely as they were black prisoners. [7]

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    The term pillow talk came from Alcatraz the prisoners were not allowed to talk so late at night they would scoop out the water from their toilets and stick their head in the bowl
    and place their pillow around their head to make a gasket and talk to each other through the sewer pipes.

    If you ever get a chance to tour the island don't miss it. They had a riot in the main cell block and the governor offered to send the national guard. The Warden said no the riot would be over at 3:00PM the governor laughed. At 2:45 the Warden told all the prisoners to return totheir cells at three oclock four grenades were dropped from the roof into the prison and that ended the riot. The marks are still in the concrete.

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