Brady Campaign Board Member Carry's For One Month

Brady Campaign Board Member Carry's For One Month

This is a discussion on Brady Campaign Board Member Carry's For One Month within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Courtesy of : Old Gunhand Ms magazine link I find the article slanted, I find the reporter CLUELESS and that there was no attempt to ...

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Thread: Brady Campaign Board Member Carry's For One Month

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    Brady Campaign Board Member Carry's For One Month

    Courtesy of :Old Gunhand

    Ms magazine link

    I find the article slanted, I find the reporter CLUELESS and that there was no attempt to WALK THAT MILE IN OUR SHOES.
    I also find it hard to believe, that she received a Conceal Carry License from a state that has no compulsory class time or Range time proficiency test (I could be wrong.) I can't seem to find the article but a few weeks back i read (I believe it was her own account) That after purchasing the gun, and carrying it home in her vehicle, she became so PARANOID that it might be loaded (Evil Loaded Gun Jumps out of Sealed case And Shoots Car Owner). She stopped a LEO and asked them to make sure her new purchase was in fact unloaded. (someone must still have that link?).

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    I think she chose this state if no range time or proficiency testing is required. Best way to make their pointless point -- "anybody" can get a gun and a concealed permit.

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    I read the whole article and what I take from it is: that fearful, untrained, idiotic ninnies are not "more safe" with a gun. In fact she might even "turn it on herself" and commit suicide.

    I also learned that if you carry a gun you obsessively think about it 24/7 and every moment you're out in public you wonder who you should shoot. Also, leaving your backpack with a loaded gun in it around a bunch of little kids could cause problems. (Duh).

    She has made the point that emotionally unstable, paranoid, ignorant individuals shouldn't own a gun though. So yay.
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    Apparently, common sense isn't required to write for that magazine. Never did say if she actually loaded the gun the full time she had it.

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    What is interesting is that the woman who wrote the article makes the illogical assumption that a person who knows so little about guns that they do not even know how to load it, is more of a threat than someone who is registered and well trained in the use of a gun. Huh? Sounds like she is advocating mandatory training to make mass shooters more effective to me.

    Also seems to be re-enacting a horror movie where the mere possession of a gun is making her think all sorts of dangerous thoughts. I think she read too much Poe and the Telltale Heart.

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    It kinda reminds of me a scene out of the movie "The Watch", where the security guard has a threat in the store, at night, and he draws his revolver and yells out "Hey! They gave me a gun, but they didnt teach me how to use it. So you are in real danger now, OK?"

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    This is a repeat. Supposedly, due to the overwhelming negative comments to Ms. Magazine, they are not carrying the other installments of the story...

    Fear not, the Daily Beast picked them up... and you can read about here paranoid fearful month, here Daily Beast link
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    A libtard with a gun. That is dangerous....Nuff said..
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    I was going to post this yesterday (saw it on Freepers) but decided not to.

    Just because she is a Progressive Moron does not mean the rest of us are clueless with firearms. Quite frankly, she comes across as a idiot, as opposed to a member of the well educated Progressive Elite.

    But - My Takeaway: Even an untrained Anti-gun idiot can proove to be safe with a firearm if they respect the weapon. She proved our point, exactly! But that subtle irony will be lost on a lot of people who think that 'guns kill people' as oposed to 'bad people with guns/hammers/concrete sidewalks/cars kill people'!
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